Dear Just Dance 4 and GirlGuides

Thank you so much for hosting a fabulous event for us girls on Wednesday night. Fun was had by all and I think it’s safe to say the game in general is a hit.

The function was at Slow in the City in Sandton…it was my first time there, and I think it’s a really nice venue for an event. The ladies had 2 XBox Kinects set up and ready for us to to get our dance on with Just Dance 4. The general idea was that for every time you danced, your name would be entered into a draw for a fabulous Marc Jacobs goodie bag. While I did not win (Jessica was the lucky winner of this one), I had so much fun and I ended up kicking ass in all but 1 of the group dances I took part in.

The girls also provided as with a really stunning goodie bag. It contained a copy of the game (especially for your gaming console, as the game is compatible with Wii, Xbox and PS3), a very funky 80’s style aerobics t-shirt, 3 perfume samples, a mini stylus, a keyring, a funky pair of sunglasses AND some wireless wipes. The snacks were divine, the wine was yummy, the dancing exercise a blast and the company, as always, fantastic:)

These came off very early on in the evening……
The content of our goodie bags
A better look at the perfume samples
Love Love Love the shirts we got!!!!

Also, just so you know, I think I might be addicted to your little game O_o. Today I went out to buy the Move for my PS3 so that I would be able to play….guess what I’ll be doing for most of the weekend:)

Thank you so much for a fantastic and really fun event!



Dear clothing fairies

Please accept my most humble apologies for not taking your advice this morning…and please don’t punish me for what I’m about to say.  I have MAD skills and you got owned by them! *giggles away like a maniac*

We all know and love the clothing fairies.  They are those epically small creatures who give us nudges in the right direction when it comes to clothes.  For instance….this morning I was lying in bed (or rather, ON my bed as it’s far too hot to be IN the bed) trying to decide what to wear to work.  I finally decided on my pair of dress jeans and a burnt orange gypsy/batwing kinda top.  I’ve worn it a million times before…it’ll work.  But to bring you into the picture……My dress jeans are probably about a million years old (I’ve had them at least 3 years) and I suppose to be fair I have no business wearing them anymore.

So this morning as I start getting dressed one of the buttons from the pair of jeans pops off.  I gave it a quizzical look, found my needle and thread and reattached it where it should be…problem solved right?  WRONG! The clothing fairies were trying to tell me that it would be an EPICALLY bad idea to wear that particular pair of jeans.  Did I listen? NOOOO, of course not.

So with the button firmly reattached I skipped off to work to go and show the world who exactly is boss in Rubyland.  I was merrily typing away on my laptop when I moved to change my seating position and then IT happened.  The jeans are so worn through that they’ve now actually torn…DISASTER!  And I have a GirlGuides event this evening so I won’t have time to go home after work, I’ll have to go straight there…oh dear oh dear oh dear.  See? The clothing fairies were trying to warn me this morning, but I just didn’t listen.

Lucky for me I did something very strange this morning.  After I finished re-attaching the button, I tossed the needle and thread into my handbag.  WHY? I hear you say….I have no idea…but the moment I remembered this little fact a big fat smile dawned all over my face.  I have mad skills with a needle and thread.  So I nonchalantly grabbed the needle and thread from my bag and walked on over to the ladies room….where I proceeded to expertly mend the tear.  You can BARELY see it…and since it’s on the inside of my leg, nobody will see it anyway (now that it’s mended anyway…it would be rather distracting if a white piece of skin stabbed everybody in the eye from my thigh area).

So my dearest clothing fairies…I apologise for not following you advice this morning…please don’t give up on me.  But I would like to gloat just a little.  You’ve been OWNED!

Ruby “mad skills” Letters

Dear Sony and GirlGuides

So last night you (Sony and Girlguides) invited all the little Girlguides, some Sony ladies and a handful of other gadget lovers to a lovely little women’s month function at Ten Bompas. We were well entertained by the ladies (and one gent who insisted we see him as a lady) from Sony while we got to play with all the latest toys.  These ladies really know their products and it was a pleasure to chat to them.

My two favourite items that I’m hoping to review soon is a super tiny little camera that can also shoot in 3D (how crazy is that) and the touch screen media player in a metallic rose colour…too much of pretty:)  The night would not have been complete without good wine, yummy snacks and the always lovely and entertaining chatter of my fellow GirlGuides.

The night ended on a high note.  There was a “little” lucky draw….won by yours truly *grin*.  And upon our departure we were given a lovely Sony goodie bag which really made my day.

Sooooo….here’s me attempting my first use of my “prize”.(Now what should have happened here is there should have been a little video clip that I made with my lovely new handycam….as you can see…’s shouting in its absence:(  I managed to work the handycam just fine and I got it onto my computer just fine…it really is super easy to use…but sadly Cell C is not playing nice.  For some arb reason the moment I try to upload/download anything bigger than like 50MB it bombs out.  So after trying about 3 times and spending almost my entire month’s bandwidth on this I gave up.  Rest assured however that it works brilliantly!)

Hope you had a good laugh at my expense:P


Dear GirlGuides

GirlGuides logo

So as many of you know I dabble a bit in the world of geekdom by writing reviews for GirlGuides on all kinds of gadgets and other practical yet geeky things:) *says the geek under cover*.

So if you’re at all interested in finding out what I have to say head on over to the GirlGuides site and see what i had to say about my first impressions regarding the gorgeous, girly and impressive Sony VAIO series and my brand new super sexy MacBook Air 13″ …, I’m SUCH an apple fangirl:P  So much of prettiness on both accounts! Much thanks to Sony for letting me play around with the VAIO and thanks to myself for spoiling myself and purchasing a Macbook Air:P

Sony VAIO Series

MacBook Air



Dear Tom Tom White Pearl

Right! So here it is…my very first Girl Guides review:)  I’ll post the snapshot review on my blog and give you the link to the proper in depth review.  Enjoy!

Upon opening the box my first reaction was ‘ooooh pretty!!!!’ It’s rather apparent what the main girly feature on this nifty little gadget is supposed to be.  It’s gorgeous, it’s cute and most importantly, it’s feminine.  

i decided to give it a bash right away and used it to plot my way from the office to my new home, hoping that my brand new toy would be able to show me a new way of getting home.  Changing the ‘home’ address was easy enough, but what i did find was that the TomTom touch screen is not ‘long nail’ friendly.  Nor was it easy to attach the GPS unit on my windscreen.  This turned out to be a bit of a mission and i very nearly dropped the GPS a couple of times.  At first glance it doesn’t appear as if the GPS unit can be detached from the little suction cup unit, and so attaching it at a suitable level for me seemed near impossible, while behind the steering wheel.  After a near fatal tangle which involved me, the dashboard and the GPS unit I’m rather embarrassed to admit that a few more times use lead to the discovery of how to pop the GPS unit from the suction cup in order to set it up more easily.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this little gadget some more.  And i plan on using it to find new routes to everywhere, including possibly from my lounge to my bathroom.

The full review including turnons and turnoffs can be found here. Go read it NOW…you know you want to:)