Dear Tom Tom White Pearl

Right! So here it is…my very first Girl Guides review:)  I’ll post the snapshot review on my blog and give you the link to the proper in depth review.  Enjoy!

Upon opening the box my first reaction was ‘ooooh pretty!!!!’ It’s rather apparent what the main girly feature on this nifty little gadget is supposed to be.  It’s gorgeous, it’s cute and most importantly, it’s feminine.  

i decided to give it a bash right away and used it to plot my way from the office to my new home, hoping that my brand new toy would be able to show me a new way of getting home.  Changing the ‘home’ address was easy enough, but what i did find was that the TomTom touch screen is not ‘long nail’ friendly.  Nor was it easy to attach the GPS unit on my windscreen.  This turned out to be a bit of a mission and i very nearly dropped the GPS a couple of times.  At first glance it doesn’t appear as if the GPS unit can be detached from the little suction cup unit, and so attaching it at a suitable level for me seemed near impossible, while behind the steering wheel.  After a near fatal tangle which involved me, the dashboard and the GPS unit I’m rather embarrassed to admit that a few more times use lead to the discovery of how to pop the GPS unit from the suction cup in order to set it up more easily.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this little gadget some more.  And i plan on using it to find new routes to everywhere, including possibly from my lounge to my bathroom.

The full review including turnons and turnoffs can be found here. Go read it NOW…you know you want to:)




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