Dear clothing fairies

Please accept my most humble apologies for not taking your advice this morning…and please don’t punish me for what I’m about to say.  I have MAD skills and you got owned by them! *giggles away like a maniac*

We all know and love the clothing fairies.  They are those epically small creatures who give us nudges in the right direction when it comes to clothes.  For instance….this morning I was lying in bed (or rather, ON my bed as it’s far too hot to be IN the bed) trying to decide what to wear to work.  I finally decided on my pair of dress jeans and a burnt orange gypsy/batwing kinda top.  I’ve worn it a million times before…it’ll work.  But to bring you into the picture……My dress jeans are probably about a million years old (I’ve had them at least 3 years) and I suppose to be fair I have no business wearing them anymore.

So this morning as I start getting dressed one of the buttons from the pair of jeans pops off.  I gave it a quizzical look, found my needle and thread and reattached it where it should be…problem solved right?  WRONG! The clothing fairies were trying to tell me that it would be an EPICALLY bad idea to wear that particular pair of jeans.  Did I listen? NOOOO, of course not.

So with the button firmly reattached I skipped off to work to go and show the world who exactly is boss in Rubyland.  I was merrily typing away on my laptop when I moved to change my seating position and then IT happened.  The jeans are so worn through that they’ve now actually torn…DISASTER!  And I have a GirlGuides event this evening so I won’t have time to go home after work, I’ll have to go straight there…oh dear oh dear oh dear.  See? The clothing fairies were trying to warn me this morning, but I just didn’t listen.

Lucky for me I did something very strange this morning.  After I finished re-attaching the button, I tossed the needle and thread into my handbag.  WHY? I hear you say….I have no idea…but the moment I remembered this little fact a big fat smile dawned all over my face.  I have mad skills with a needle and thread.  So I nonchalantly grabbed the needle and thread from my bag and walked on over to the ladies room….where I proceeded to expertly mend the tear.  You can BARELY see it…and since it’s on the inside of my leg, nobody will see it anyway (now that it’s mended anyway…it would be rather distracting if a white piece of skin stabbed everybody in the eye from my thigh area).

So my dearest clothing fairies…I apologise for not following you advice this morning…please don’t give up on me.  But I would like to gloat just a little.  You’ve been OWNED!

Ruby “mad skills” Letters


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