Dear Just Dance 4 and GirlGuides

Thank you so much for hosting a fabulous event for us girls on Wednesday night. Fun was had by all and I think it’s safe to say the game in general is a hit.

The function was at Slow in the City in Sandton…it was my first time there, and I think it’s a really nice venue for an event. The ladies had 2 XBox Kinects set up and ready for us to to get our dance on with Just Dance 4. The general idea was that for every time you danced, your name would be entered into a draw for a fabulous Marc Jacobs goodie bag. While I did not win (Jessica was the lucky winner of this one), I had so much fun and I ended up kicking ass in all but 1 of the group dances I took part in.

The girls also provided as with a really stunning goodie bag. It contained a copy of the game (especially for your gaming console, as the game is compatible with Wii, Xbox and PS3), a very funky 80’s style aerobics t-shirt, 3 perfume samples, a mini stylus, a keyring, a funky pair of sunglasses AND some wireless wipes. The snacks were divine, the wine was yummy, the dancing exercise a blast and the company, as always, fantastic:)

These came off very early on in the evening……
The content of our goodie bags
A better look at the perfume samples
Love Love Love the shirts we got!!!!

Also, just so you know, I think I might be addicted to your little game O_o. Today I went out to buy the Move for my PS3 so that I would be able to play….guess what I’ll be doing for most of the weekend:)

Thank you so much for a fantastic and really fun event!



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