Dear South Africa

So today was another big day for our little country.¬† Local general election time!¬† While the run up to the election was filled with various toilet debates and some unsavoury¬† threats of going to hell, all in all I think the whole thing went along pretty smoothly today. For all of you making a double sigh and thinking ‘Oh joy! another blog about politics and voting’ Don’t fret…I’m not writing a blog post about either of those.¬† I’m merely marking another historic day on my blog calendar.¬† I voted, I sincerely hope you did.



P.S.¬† Dear DA……17, yes, i repeat, 17 sms’s in my personal opinion more than qualifies for spam.¬† While I appreciate what you are trying to do and while if you had stuck to sending me 1 maybe 2 sms’s I would have felt slightly annoyed that you are smsing me without my consent and without an option to opt out, but I would have smiled and nodded and accept that this is you doing what you do.¬† But 17…really??? 17 = spam and all you succeeded in doing was to create epic amounts of annoyance and negativity, which I’ll admit I was rather vocal about.¬† Next time I think you guys need to focus a bit more…and as I could gather from twitter I wasn’t the only person who got annoyed with this.¬† Listen to the people you are trying to reach, and take their views into consideration.¬† You’ll reach far more people, trust me!