Dear Sony and GirlGuides

So last night you (Sony and Girlguides) invited all the little Girlguides, some Sony ladies and a handful of other gadget lovers to a lovely little women’s month function at Ten Bompas. We were well entertained by the ladies (and one gent who insisted we see him as a lady) from Sony while we got to play with all the latest toys.  These ladies really know their products and it was a pleasure to chat to them.

My two favourite items that I’m hoping to review soon is a super tiny little camera that can also shoot in 3D (how crazy is that) and the touch screen media player in a metallic rose colour…too much of pretty:)  The night would not have been complete without good wine, yummy snacks and the always lovely and entertaining chatter of my fellow GirlGuides.

The night ended on a high note.  There was a “little” lucky draw….won by yours truly *grin*.  And upon our departure we were given a lovely Sony goodie bag which really made my day.

Sooooo….here’s me attempting my first use of my “prize”.(Now what should have happened here is there should have been a little video clip that I made with my lovely new handycam….as you can see…’s shouting in its absence:(  I managed to work the handycam just fine and I got it onto my computer just fine…it really is super easy to use…but sadly Cell C is not playing nice.  For some arb reason the moment I try to upload/download anything bigger than like 50MB it bombs out.  So after trying about 3 times and spending almost my entire month’s bandwidth on this I gave up.  Rest assured however that it works brilliantly!)

Hope you had a good laugh at my expense:P



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