About Ruby

Ruby is a small-town girl who traded the mountains and farms for the big city lights in an attempt to follow her dreams. By day (and mostly by night too) this workaholic catches bad guys as #CSIRuby. Her superpowers include Insomnia, OCD and juggling life with at least one foot firmly stuck in her mouth. Fiercely independent and strangely optimistic, Ruby loves shoes, wine, gadgets, traveling, knives, cars, tractors, music, poetry, sushi and dancing. She guards her secrets carefully but, if you’re lucky, she’ll let you in on a few of them!

In her spare time she pretends to be able to cycle, tries to learn new languages, takes part in random roadtrips and cultivates her deep love of music. She secretly loves button bashing with the help of her PS3 and is currently obsessed with Mortal Kombat and Diablo.  While wrestling through life’s issues and awesome moments by writing letters to everyone and everything on this here blog and talking far too much on Twitter, she dreams of being the girl with the most wine, shoes and chocolate.

She is, at the end of the day, just a geek in high heels.