Dear Girl Guides

OMG! soooo much of excitedness.  Finally, FINALLY the secret project which a whole lot of us have been a part of is live:) No more gag orders…yayness!!! I can finally spill the beans and tell everybody all about it and direct all my girly friends towards the site.

Basically, Girl Guides consist of a whole bunch of awesome awesome ladies who get together to discuss gadgets, technology, the how to’s of technology and to drink wine and cocktails.  These ladies come from all walks of life and present an all inclusive view of the ‘gadget world’.    The site is still in it’s beta phase and therefor any feedback would be greatly appreciated:)  Now go click on the link…you KNOW you want to:)

I’m VERY proud to say that I’m a reviewer and part of this incredible team of ladies and one or two gents:P  In future I’ll be posting my snapshot reviews on this here blog and a link that will guide you to the full review on the Girl Guides website.