Dear life

Wow! Just Wow…and NOT in a good way.  Last week you did your utmost best to make my life an absolute misery…the really sad part was that the week was a really short one.

While technically the week started off well as I spent Monday and most of Tuesday in my home town visiting the parentals, the rest of the week did not have quite the same vibe.  On Tuesday night, shortly after returning to Jozi, The Italian and I broke up.  Now I realise most of you don’t even know about The Italian…this was done mostly on purpose…but just as he was starting to weave his way into my social media life it all came to an end.  I suppose as far as breakups go it wasn’t that bad.  We had a long talk and parted ways very amicably….for this I’m grateful.  Breakups can be so messy and horrible…I suppose I’m kind of lucky.  Anyway…despite the fact that we parted ways amicably, breakups still suck.  I don’t easily let people in…and the fact that someone I trusted enough to let in was just no longer there is not only painful, but also slightly depressive.

So anyway…my week was NOT going well and then of course YOU had to make it worse.  On Friday morning, shortly after having seen my chiropractor and getting awesome feedback from him, some idiot in a BERCO express delivery van (with bullbars) decided NOT to stop at the red traffic light.  The same light where a whole bunch of other cars had already stopped and had been waiting for the light to change for some time. Needless to say he smashed into the back of my car pretty hard….there goes all the progress I’ve made with my chiropractor.  But worse than that…my poor 4 month old car:( I’m still heartsore when I think about it.

Look, in all honesty the actual damage isn’t that bad. But I still have to go through all the admin of an insurance claim and I’ll still have to drive around in a stupid rental while my baby gets fixed.  I’m not impressed.

So right now the scoring is as follows: Life 2 Ruby 0.  Now you might have won this particular battle, but I can assure you that you will NOT win this war.  Prepare to kiss my ass.


Dear other driver

Six years today….can you believe it? 6 YEARS!

At shortly after midnight (super early this morning) it was 6 years ago that you smashed into me that night.  I can’t believe it’s been that long, and at the same time there are days that I can’t believe it happened at all.  Although the scar on my leg serves as a pretty decent reminder when I do forget.  I’m sure you’ll be happy to know it looks a lot better these days:)

The sub-conscious mind is an amazing thing.  Every year around this time I hit a bit of a funk.  I feel kinda down, insecure, a little depro and generally a bit anxious.  I guess it’s understandable.  But every year I realise what time of the year it is a couple of days before the time.  This year I nearly missed it completely.  I haven’t even thought about it once until I was on my way home today and I tried to figure out why I was feeling the way I did.  Sure, it’s been a rough couple of days and I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I’ve been under sever pressure at work.  But I’m generally really good under pressure and even hectic emotional dilemmas rarely makes me feel this…BLAH.  And then as I drove up to a crossing and clenched my jaw just a tad when the car coming from my left hand side appeared not to be slowing down quite as quickly as I wanted him to it hit me.  Not the car….the realisation. Today marks the 6 year “anniversary” of our rather horrid car crash.  And while i might have forgotten I remembered at the same time…weird isn’t it?  I KNEW something was up…i just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I’ve written you a letter on this here blog every year since it happened….well, since I’ve had the blog anyway:) It’s good to go back and read those posts and to see how I’ve dealt with things and how I’ve grown.  I’m happy, I’m good, I have a fabulous job and an amazing life, and I can’t imagine it being any different.  Sure, sometimes when I go through stressful times I have nightmares of the crash, sometimes I can’t help but hate the scars (even though they’re a lot less noticeable these days), sometimes I wonder at how things would have been different…but all of these are becoming less and less and less with each passing year.  And this fact makes me happy.

I don’t know where you are or what happened to you after all of this.  Quite frankly I don’t want to.  There was a time (especially in the two months after the crash when I was pretty much almost bedridden) that the thought of you made me so angry.  But no more.  These things happen and I’m still here.  You’ve probably long forgotten the whole accident…and who can really blame you.  You got off without much more than a tiny little scratch, not exactly something that’ll stick in your mind for the rest of your life. But if you do remember it at all, I hope you’ll know that I’m OK, better than OK in fact.  And even though I didn’t believe it at the time, I’ve come to realise that life really does go on, that I have an amazing Protector and that even scars are loved by your loved ones because they are a part of who you are, and that makes them beautiful.  So this year I refuse to treat this as a way of remembering the bad.  This is a celebration of my life…and when I look at who I am and what I’ve got and the people around me, how can I not celebrate and be happy?  I am truly blessed.



P.S.  My lovelies…pls don’t drink and drive…it’s just not worth it.

Dear Readers

Right, so once again I’m forced to hang my head in shame and admit that I’ve been really bad with blogging lately.  My last post was almost a month ago…unacceptable, I know.  But you know…sometimes life happens, or creativity takes a hike, or I get blogging block and for the life of me I just can’t find ANYTHING to blog about.

So I decided to take it easy for a while…which I did.  And now I’ve decided to just kind of ease back into it with one of my favourite types of posts.  You guys know how this little game works.  I start a couple of sentences and finish them in the blog.  Then you finish the same sentences in the comments section….Play nice:)

I’m a bit annoyed…….at the fact that winter appears to be over *insert sad face here*.  I’m a BIG fan of the cold and not so much of the heat of summer.  It makes me even more annoyed to know that we’ve only had a handful of cold days this year…it’s SO unfair:(

I’m excited…..about the possible prospect of an amazing holiday at the end of the year.  Now I just need to pull all the little strings together to make it a reality.

I love….my job…STILL! For real! I’ve come to realise what a blessing it is to enjoy what you do so much that you are excited to get up in the morning.  That you can’t wait to see what the day will bring and what else you will discover.  To be a little bit like a record that got stuck on your job…I’m a lucky girl:)

If you pay a bribe…….and brag about it I will consider you an idiot.  I will also lose some respect for you.  On the flip side…if you pay a bribe and you go on about how corrupt our country is and you want to name and shame the guy that asked for the bribe…think again buster! If you paid the bribe…you are part of the problem…you should be naming and shaming yourself.

I recently read…..a quote that said “you were born because you are going to be important to someone”.  I liked it:) I don’t think you’re going to be important to just one someone though.  But i liked the principle of it.

The trick….of life is to hold on to the good experiences and let go of the bad ones.

I won’t…….support something if even a slight part of it is against my morals and principles, regardless of how amazing the concept is.

There is more power… holding your tongue at times than there is in insisting on sharing your opinion.  I’m still working on this one.

I’m in love…..with my latest toy…my B&W Zeppelin Air ❤

Now it’s your turn my lovelies:)


Dear Aldo

I was super excited when I recently received a rather large voucher for your store as a birthday gift.  Everybody knows I absolutely adore shoes, and the voucher was given to me specifically for this reason, and also to stop me from using it for anything BUT shoes and/or bags.


I did not waste any time in attempting to spend my voucher and found myself at your shop in Sandton city last weekend.  I was immediately drawn to the most gorgeous grey boots.  See exhibit A:

Exhibit A

I absolutely fell in love with them the moment I saw them, and I HAD to have them.  For once the shop had my size (a small but rather popular shoe size) and in no time at all I was happily walking around in the shop, completely sold.  Due to your sale I was also able to obtain a second set of boots.  A lovely light brown flat pair, ideal for wearing with my jeans.  I was in shoe heaven.  Definitely a #HappyRuby moment right there.

So on monday morning I got dressed, bearing in mind that I wanted to wear my lovely new boots.  I was super excited heading to work.  Feeling epically sexy and pretty, strutting my stuff in my gorgeous, super expensive birthday boots.  My happiness was short-lived.  The moment I sat down at work and looked down my world shattered.  I was confronted by THIS:

Mismatched shoes

One grey shoe and one purplish shoe.  How is it possible that one pair of shoes can look like two totally different sets of shoes??????? I was completely horrified.  After a terrible morning of feeling totally out of sorts due to mismatched boots, my team member and I headed over to your Menlyn store to find out if they could do something about it.  There was no way that I was about to spend my entire monday morning in the foulest mood ever due to mismatched shoes.  The Menlyn staff were very nice.  They assured me that as long as I would be exchanging it for the same boots it won’t be a problem that I didn’t have a box. However, I wouldn’t be able to exchange it for anything else, as every pair of shoes needed a box.  Fair enough..however, this did make me wonder.  What were you going to do with the mismatched shoes.  Shove it into a box and sell it to the next person who fell in love with it and leaving them to deal with the problem of mismatched shoes???

Anyway, they brought me a new pair…I happily put them on, and to my complete and utter horror found them to be mismatched too. How is that even possible?? The staff carried every single pair out of the store-room, and believe it or not, all of them were mismatched. From slightly to epically, every single one without fail. I have one phrase for you….WHAT THE HELL??  Obviously I no longer wanted my beloved ‘grey‘ boots, but since the Menlyn store couldn’t exchange them for me without a box, I had to settle for the least mismatched pair.  So i exchanged my purple and grey pair for a light and dark grey pair instead.

I’ve subsequently returned the boots, with the box, to the Sandton City Store where I bought the original pair.  The shop assistant was suitably horrified and was more than willing to issue me a new voucher for the value as I didn’t see anything I immediately wanted.  I suppose I can not fault your service.  Your shop assistants were professional and helpful and at least I can say they followed protocol. I guess that counts for something too.

This whole ordeal has left me with one question though.  Seriously, to whom else does this kind of crap happen?  I mean think about this list:  a roof collapsed on me, an aircon fell out of a wall and hit me, my feet received acid burns after I bought a pair of shoes that were laced with acidic powder, I buy a pair of shoes from a reputable store like yourself and they are mismatched…to name but a few. Let’s face it…my life is far from boring.


A little something about change

In the last 6 months my life has gone from looking something like this:

fountainsto something that roughly resembles this:

weird fountain

In essence it’s the same picture…indicating that it’s still me (thank goodness) and certain key areas are still the same..i.e. it still involves a lot of water..but the picture is brighter and completely different.

When I decided to write this post I decided to make a list of all the things that have changed:
– I passed my masters degree and was no longer a student
– I quit my job (without having a new job lined up)
– I found a new job, a dream job really
– I became self-employed and started working as a consultant…good bye monthly salary, but hello being my own boss, determining my own hours
– I moved my blog to my own domain (yay me)
– I kicked off my new job by spending the first two months in a different country
– I took the leap and cut certain people out of my life.  This one was pretty hard.  But at some point you have to realise that certain people are bad for you.
You have to get to a point where you decide it’s NOT ok to be emotionally abused, insulted and unappreciated.
– I became more forgiving of the people around me
– I joined a gym AND I’m actually gyming regularly
– I finally gave up on my bohemian way of living and exchanged my bean bags for the most beautiful couches (How very grown up of me)

Point is, I’ve decided that this is my year.  I’m taking leaps of faith, making changes and doing all kinds of things.  Yes, the new picture of me is different from the one I had before, but in truth it’s still exactly the same, the elements are just meshed together differently.  And to celebrate all of this I decided my little blog deserved an overhaul too.  And while I adored its previous look, and while the blog will always consist of mostly was time for a change:)

Let me know what you think, but know that I for one really love the new look…it’s so very..well…ME:)

Oh…and a HUGE thank you to my much-loved and adored boy best friend who helped a lot with this…actually to be honest he did most of the work.  Thanx you:)