A little something about change

In the last 6 months my life has gone from looking something like this:

fountainsto something that roughly resembles this:

weird fountain

In essence it’s the same picture…indicating that it’s still me (thank goodness) and certain key areas are still the same..i.e. it still involves a lot of water..but the picture is brighter and completely different.

When I decided to write this post I decided to make a list of all the things that have changed:
– I passed my masters degree and was no longer a student
– I quit my job (without having a new job lined up)
– I found a new job, a dream job really
– I became self-employed and started working as a consultant…good bye monthly salary, but hello being my own boss, determining my own hours
– I moved my blog to my own domain (yay me)
– I kicked off my new job by spending the first two months in a different country
– I took the leap and cut certain people out of my life.  This one was pretty hard.  But at some point you have to realise that certain people are bad for you.
You have to get to a point where you decide it’s NOT ok to be emotionally abused, insulted and unappreciated.
– I became more forgiving of the people around me
– I joined a gym AND I’m actually gyming regularly
– I finally gave up on my bohemian way of living and exchanged my bean bags for the most beautiful couches (How very grown up of me)

Point is, I’ve decided that this is my year.  I’m taking leaps of faith, making changes and doing all kinds of things.  Yes, the new picture of me is different from the one I had before, but in truth it’s still exactly the same, the elements are just meshed together differently.  And to celebrate all of this I decided my little blog deserved an overhaul too.  And while I adored its previous look, and while the blog will always consist of mostly letters..it was time for a change:)

Let me know what you think, but know that I for one really love the new look…it’s so very..well…ME:)

Oh…and a HUGE thank you to my much-loved and adored boy best friend who helped a lot with this…actually to be honest he did most of the work.  Thanx you:)


16 thoughts on “A little something about change

  1. Well done on the new life and outlook and job and everything. I have always found that change, even when it’s scary, is the most rewarding thing 🙂 Look forward to reading more!

  2. For a moment that second pic looked like a drain, I was really worried! 😆

    Now I see it’s a water glass, it’s a water glass right?!

    I think you’re doing great Ruby. 🙂

  3. Leaps of Faith are planted deeply within our hearts and minds. It’s hard to capture in words the “IT” of the leap of fa”IT”h.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. I like the new look!
    You’re just missing a “next post – previous post” link which is essential for someone like me who plays catch-up and reads several posts at a time… *sheepish grin*

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