I can’t believe it’s been a year

The last year has flown by at the speed of light…I’m convinced of this. It feels like only a few weeks ago that my father called to break the bad news.  The news that obliterated a part of the little world I live in. My gran had passed away.  It hadn’t been a complete shock, as we had been expecting it for months, but it didn’t make the hurt any less.  She was my gran, my friend and one of my biggest fans, and I miss her every single day.  She is far happier where she is now in a world without pain and sickness and sadness, I know this. And while it doesn’t make me miss her any less, the thought of her in a happy, pain-free world… makes me happy:)  So this post is me remembering her with a smile (admittedly one through a sheen of tears, but a smile none the less). Love you Ouma:)



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