Exciting news….I haz it!

A couple of weeks ago (read early “in September”) I received some epically exciting news.  But due to lots and lots of technicalities I was sworn to absolute secrecy.  This morning however, I received a wee little e-mail that gave me the go ahead to tell the whole world if I wanted to:) So here goes……

MY SISTER-IN-LAW IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I really HAD to include THAT many exclamation marks:) I’m going to be an aunty or a “tannie” for the first time…and if any of you dare call me that I’ll kill you….just so we’re clear:)

My sis-in-law sent me her scan that was taken on 30 September….at that point the baby was a mere 3mm long and I giggled a lot when she explained to me that the baby was the little white dot just to the upper right of the “Y” of “BABY”.

I was told via a Skype video call shortly after they found out and I was SWORN to secrecy.  At this stage of the game only parents and siblings were in on the secret…it was far too early to let everyone in on the secret for various reasons.  But early this morning I received an e-mail that was sent to all the family and close friends in SA informing them of the happy news…and FINALLY I can share my excitement:)

It is currently autumn in the US, and contrary to popular belief, pumpkins aren’t only used as Halloween decorations.  In general the Americans use pumpkins as decorations during Autumn, so my sis-in-law had a little t-shirt made that she will be using to spread the news to their friends and her colleagues:

Too cute right?

So while I didn’t have the most awesome start to my day, and while I was yanked from a happy sleepy place by my alarm due to my own stupidity this morning, and while my neighbours ACTUALLY lodged a noise complaint about it instead of trying to find out why my alarm was going off at 4am…Today is indeed a happy day:)

Aunty Ruby

P.S.  I’m the only one allowed to address myself as Aunty or Tannie…I WILL kill you if you attempt to do so:P


8 thoughts on “Exciting news….I haz it!

    1. *beams* Thanx lady…am so very very excited:) Can’t wait to see them in January now…we might even find out the sex of the baby while i’m there:)

      Ja, that was my reaction too. Granted…i set of the alarm while i was half asleep, but it could have been somebody breaking in for goodness sake.

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