Dear Diary

I learned a couple of things this weekend.  It wasn’t pleasant…in fact…it was awful, mostly….

1.  People are cruel
2.  Being snubbed by people who used to call themselves your friends hurts
3.  It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked to get where you are…some people will always try to break it down
4.  No matter what you do…for some people it’s just never good enough
5.  It hurts when people who were once close to you takes everything you’ve worked so hard for because you were working towards a dream and with one foul swoop of their tongues diminish it to superficial things you do to impress superficial people
6.  People who claim to be non-judgemental can be awfully judgemental
7.  No matter how many times you tell yourself it doesn’t matter and no matter how well you KNOW that you shouldn’t let it get to you….it hurts
8.  Realising that you’ve outgrown people is both freeing and sad
9.  Having your best friend give you a hug and comfort you makes it a lot better..makes you more grateful…and makes you realise what you do have.  I am happy, I’m working towards my dreams in a big way, I have friends who care about me more than I can ever realise, I have a family I love and adore.  So you know what…take your superficial little friendship and your little clique and go play all by yourselves in your limited little world.  I’ll stick to being happy and chasing my dreams and having people around me who care about me, thank you very much.



12 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. I have no idea where this came from but I echo what arkwife said. Hugs and they aren’t worth it.

    It still hurts I know but sometimes you have to do what’s right for you.

    1. Yeah…sadly no matter how rational we are and tell ourselves it doesn’t matter…because it shouldn’ hurts. But i’m holding on to the positives in this…and that’s what counts:) Thank you so much lady:) *hugs*

  2. *sigh*

    All I can say is, surround yourself with the people who love & support you. Sure, it’ll hurt initially to lose who you thought were your friends, but in the long run, it’ll only be liberating and help you grow.

    And I’ll even throw in some more *hugs* for you 🙂

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