Dear Readers

So before I had a chance to blink it seems that 2 weeks have passed since my last post…..Thing is, I’ve been extremely busy lately.  Life and work has just been waaaaay past hectic.  I’m well…for those of you that might be worried..but I’m still feeling like a thinly stretched zombie person:)

So, in order to make up for my absence I’ll start off with my normal “Dear Readers” game.  You know how it works…I’ll complete certain sentences in the post and then you complete the same sentences in the comments section.

Drowning in red tape

I’m drowning…… red tape at the moment.  It’s not ideal but it’s part of the job.  It does become rather frustrating when you’re trying to put the baddies away, but sadly even #CSIRuby has to adhere to certain rules in order to do her job properly.

I’m excited……for a whole bunch of reasons that I’m not quite ready to disclose here.  The reasons for my silence vary….in some cases it’ because I’m not quite ready to share it with the world, in others it is because I’ve been sworn to secrecy…..I’m super excited none the less:)

I hate…..unexpected large business expenses that you can’t possibly avoid and still run your business successfully.

Going for…..a manicure once in a while is really good for the soul.

My favourite song at the moment…… “I love you” by Avril Lavigne.  STOP JUDGING ME!! I’m not usually a fan of this lady…but her latest album is actually really not bad…this song is awesome:)

Currently reading……The Wheel of Time series

And now it’s your turn:)



4 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I’m drowning…… having too many tell me what and how to do things. I continually have to change all the existing systems we have in place and it’s sooo frustrating

    I’m excited……because a long outstanding invoice has been paid so I’m not as broke as I thought

    I hate…..having to worry about money and having to beg to be paid for work that I’ve done

    Going for…..a camping weekend can really change your mood

    My favourite song at the moment…… “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. Once I hear this song, my bad mood dissappears and I want to party

    Currently reading……Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen. I am actually reraeding this book and really enjoying it. He is a very funny writer

  2. I’m drowning……..trying to work full-time (2 jobs until my replacement is appointed), being a good mother and wife, fulfilling my duties at home to the T, keeping friendships going and not getting enough sleep. Emotionally I could be better but maybe that’s just the lack of sleep talking.

    I’m excited……for the turn in my career.

    I hate…..the fact that I have so little time with my daughter during the week. Wish I could employee a butler and cook. Now that would be nice.

    Going for…..some spa treatments would pretty much come in handy right now.

    My favourite song at the moment……..Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia. So not what I normally listen to but I just love it.

    Currently reading……what’s that? I really need more time to be able to read. Seriously.

  3. I’m drowning…… a bit of self pity tonight. Tummy bug. But I’m sure I’ll be fine again in no time. The drowning bit does not really go with anything else in my life at the moment – I am in a gooood space now. 🙂

    I’m excited……because my sparrow might be coming back to JHB before the end of the year!

    I hate…..traffic, spiders, ironing…not necessarily in that order.

    Going for…..something different that may or may not be a pipe dream can be very exciting

    My favourite song at the moment…….moves like jagger 😆

    Currently reading……nothing, because I’m still waiting for my Kalahari order to come in. But I hope to soon be reading Greywalker and The Fred Factor.

  4. I’m drowning … in life it seems. There’s just too much that needs to be done all of a sudden.

    I’m excited … about going to London next year. So excited I’m annoying myself. This will only stop once I’m actually on the plane and we’re heading down the runway.

    I hate … everything Louisa hates it seems. Also in no particular order however I do believe I would rather iron in traffic than have to take on a spider.

    Going for … a nap on a Saturday (and Sunday) afternoon makes civilised life possible.

    My favourite song at the moment … Close to You by Calvin Harris. Yeah I know but I just can’t help it.

    Currently reading … The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway. It’s just started getting all dark and twisty which is just the way I like ’em 🙂

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