Dear Readers

So before I had a chance to blink it seems that 2 weeks have passed since my last post…..Thing is, I’ve been extremely busy lately.  Life and work has just been waaaaay past hectic.  I’m well…for those of you that might be worried..but I’m still feeling like a thinly stretched zombie person:)

So, in order to make up for my absence I’ll start off with my normal “Dear Readers” game.  You know how it works…I’ll complete certain sentences in the post and then you complete the same sentences in the comments section.

Drowning in red tape

I’m drowning…… red tape at the moment.  It’s not ideal but it’s part of the job.  It does become rather frustrating when you’re trying to put the baddies away, but sadly even #CSIRuby has to adhere to certain rules in order to do her job properly.

I’m excited……for a whole bunch of reasons that I’m not quite ready to disclose here.  The reasons for my silence vary….in some cases it’ because I’m not quite ready to share it with the world, in others it is because I’ve been sworn to secrecy…..I’m super excited none the less:)

I hate…..unexpected large business expenses that you can’t possibly avoid and still run your business successfully.

Going for…..a manicure once in a while is really good for the soul.

My favourite song at the moment…… “I love you” by Avril Lavigne.  STOP JUDGING ME!! I’m not usually a fan of this lady…but her latest album is actually really not bad…this song is awesome:)

Currently reading……The Wheel of Time series

And now it’s your turn:)