Dear readers

Yep…it’s that time again, where you guys get to play along on my blog:)  I’ll complete a few sentences and then you guys can complete it in the comments section:)

I am…..OK

Doing….something nice for a stranger can really lift your spirits

My dad….would be so proud…I changed a tyre all by myself yesterday

My white shorts…..are ruined thanks to the combination of a storm and the changing of the tyre

Family….plays a very important role in my life

I wish…so many things at the moment, but most of all I wish that my gran would get better. And if that’s not the way it should be, then i really wish that she won’t suffer.

Stressed…is how i feel at the moment. Stressed about my final exams for my masters at the end of the month, stressed about my gran…stressed stressed stressed.

Right! now off you go my lovelies…go and complete the sentences in the comments section.



3 thoughts on “Dear readers

  1. I am…..doing fineDoing….work, still catching up on 3weeks holidayMy dad….is a brilliant guy and a heroMy white shorts…..does not compute…?Family….is huge and I love them allI wish….that my gran was still close to my parents and not suffering from altzheimers.Stressed…yes I am!

  2. I am… hot. Woohoo for summer in Jhb!Doing… Ruby's Dear Readers post reply.My dad… Is really smart. I can ask him about pretty much anything I need to know.My white shorts… Are non-existent. Me and white don't mix well.Family… is important and I'm glad that I eventually grew up and realised that.I wish… I had a swimming pool right now.Stressed… is an understatement 😉

  3. I am… broke I don't know how I will survive this month.Doing….nothing to ease the "brokeness"My dad….is in a very difficult place right now and I wish I could go visit him to be supportiveMy white shorts…..are still in the shop. I've not bought them yetFamily….need to stick together through tough times and fun timesI wish…I could find a shop that sold proper bikini's. Like Rainbow in Camp's Bay.Stressed…is how I miss feeling. My job is not stimulating enough. That's why I have enough time to blog, read other blogs, comment on said blogs all while at work

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