Ruby’s secrets

So I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a little monthly project on my blog.  It’s not a new concept and I’m perfectly willing to give all the credit to the original creator of the idea. 

How would you guys feel about a monthly “Ruby’s secrets” post…based on the  concept of postsecrets ?  It would be with a bit of a twist though.  There isn’t currently a local version of this as far as I know, and i apologize if there is and i haven’t mentioned you here.  I’m planning to run it via e-mail rather than via post though, in order to make my life a little easier.  It’s super easy to create an anonymous e-mail account if you need to, and of course i’m sworn to absolute secrecy on all secrets i receive.  No names will ever leave my e-mail inbox. 

For those of you who don’t know the quite simply works like this.  You design a postcard and write a secret on it. It can be anything! Mundane, happy, sad, exciting, depressing, important or unimportant, it doesn’t matter.  Then you e-mail the post card to me with the subject line ‘Ruby’s secret’.  Once a month I’ll take all the post cards and publish a few in the ‘Ruby’s secrets’ blog post.

For the time being i’m merely testing the water to see if there is any interest in this more digital version of Post secret. So I can’t guarantee that it’ll actually take off, but i’m willing to give it a shot.  Secrets can be mailed to:

So what do you guys think…yay or nay?



14 thoughts on “Ruby’s secrets

  1. Hey there, I'm keen to take part but need some guidance of where/how to design the postcards? Or am I revealing my ignorance in a rather alarming fashion… 🙂

  2. @Kerry…nope, don't worry about it:) is it the actual technical design part of it you're not sure of, or is it the what it should look like that you're concerned about? I'll be more than willing to help:) mail me at and i'll help you out:) xx

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