Dear landlord

Let me start off with telling you that I absolutely LOVE the place.  I feel at home and happy and complete there.  It’s ideally situated, safe and very much Rubylike:)

There is just one little thing that’s bothering me at the moment.  Let me start at the beginning.  When we signed the lease agreement, you insisted on a clause allowing you to come for inspections.  I was willing to allow this but only if the visits took place at a time that was convenient for me…as of course I’d never allow you an inspection if I was not at home.  What I didn’t realise at the time is that you have your own set of keys for the house. 

Now granted, many people have told me this is quite normal.  And I wasn’t too disturbed by it as the complex security is very strict and if you don’t have an access card the only way you can access the complex is by them calling a resident.  But when you came for your little inspection visit last week you had a hissy fit because they wouldn’t let you in without calling me first and then you insisted that I give you one of my access cards.  Oh hell no! This is where I put my foot down.  I’m the resident, I’m entitled to 2 access cards, if you want one, contact the maintenance people and find out if you’re entitled to one.

But this has led to another problem for me.  Why would you need an access card? Surely you don’t have any business being here unless I’m at home and opening for you?  Needless to say I’m feeling slightly paranoid.  The fact that on monday morning I couldn’t find a newly washed outfit that I KNOW I put into my cupboard on sunday afternoon did not help my paranoia.  I turned my whole house upside down in the last 3 days trying to find it and finally gave up.  Then yesterday when I was actually looking for something else I found it by accident.  Now I suppose it’s possible that i missed it.  But I can’t be sure, now can i?  Also, this morning when I woke up my bedroom door was closed and there was a glass of water next to my bed.  I never close my bedroom door, nor do I take water to my bedroom, unless I’m sick. To be honest….I do sleepwalk.  So its possible that I closed the door and placed the water there….but I can’t help feeling ever so slightly uncomfortable.

So, this coming weekend i’ll be replacing the lock on my door.  I’ll leave the security gate as is, but the lock on the door can easily be changed.  And then, when I move out i’ll just put the original lock back in.  You need never know.  The only way you’ll ever find out is if you try to enter my house without me being at home…which you’re not allowed to do in the first place.

Please understand that i’m not actually acusing you of something.  I like you.  I get along with you superbly and i plan on keeping it that way.  But I’m a girl who lives on her own.  I don’t know you well, and my first concern is keeping myself safe. And since i love the apartment so much, i’d hate to start feeling uncomfortable because of a stupid set of keys.



12 thoughts on “Dear landlord

  1. Um, I would change that lock. Stuff happens, but this is weird and I don't feel comfortable after reading your post. If you're not safe in your own space, where can you be safe?So maybe it's a bit of paranoia, but your senses are trying to tell you something. Listen to them.

  2. Thanx girls:) in a way i feel kinda bad…he's a nice guy and i'm really NOT accusing him of something….it's just…now with the access card thing he'll have full access to my place without me knowing about it you know?

  3. The world is full of strange and weird perverts, you are perfectly justified in your paranoia.I wouldn't call this paranoia though, purely self-presevation.

  4. That is seriously bizarre. And your lease should definitely outline the fact that those inspections can *only* take place at a pre-agreed upon time by both owner and tenant (having just been down the leasing road myself).I think changing the lock is a very good idea.

  5. @Tamara & @Phillygirl – ja…..i'm pretty sure he hasn't been there without me knowing…but you never know. I made sure that my agreement said he's ONLY allowed into my place if i'm there

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