Dear Cape town

Thank you so much for an amazing mini break! Many thanks to all the people that made every second of it incredible and fun and filled with memories that’ll last a life time.

The mini break started on Wednesday afternoon when i was dropped off at Lanseria airport after work.  Sadly my flight was delayed, but my iPad *grin*, the sandwich and the cider from the little coffee shop kept me more than entertained while i waited.  The flight was uneventful, for which I’m grateful, as I realised just before boarding that it would be the first time ever that i was flying alone without any company.

Thursday morning was spent with my good friend Superolz who recently moved to CT from Jozi.  We stopped for coffee at Blouberg and then headed off towards Stellenbosch for some wine tasting.  We went to Waterford wine estate where we did the whole chocolate and wine experience.  It was my first time there and i must say the chocolate and the wine were absolutely divine!  After relaxing at Waterford we dashed off to Thelema wine estate for another quick tasting as we didn’t have much time left before i had to meet up with another friend.

Thursday afternoon was spent wandering around the Company Gardens and visiting the museum.  The gardens are absolutely gorgeous, even though i was attacked by an evil squirrel.  The squirrels in the Company Gardens are incredibly tame and they come right up to you if you hold your hand out to them.  When the squirrel however realised that i didn’t actually have any food for it, it ran after me and actually jumped onto my leg and tried to climb up…i managed to get it off quickly, thank goodness.  oh and for the record….this happened TWICE!

A large part of the afternoon was spent wandering around the V&A Waterfront with my good friend Maniac. Then it was time for Strawberry daiquiris at the Ambassador hotel to watch the sunset followed by dinner at HQ.  I do believe this is one of the most amazing restaurants EVER! Their menu reads as follows: Salad, steak and chips.  They serve salad for a starter and steak and chips….that’s it.  Best steak I’ve had in a VERY long time:)

Friday was spent with my friends Maniac, Flipside and Suekie doing one of those Hop-On-Hop-Off city bus tours.  We had so much fun, even though the boys both got sun burnt.  We spent quite a bit of time exploring the fort, I mean castle and later on had the most divine lunch at Blues in Campsbay.  Then it was time to head off to the tweetup, aptly named #RubyComesToCapeTown, where i finally had the opportunity to meet some of my online friends face to face and to see some old friends once again.  In attendance was Riven, AniB, Alice, Ann, MajorProblem, Pinkhairgirl, Craig, Flipside, Suekie, Superolz, Maniac and of course Me:) We went to Wakame, which i have to say has the most divine sushi!

Saturday morning i was up early as I was super excited to be spending the morning with my cousin.  The oldest of the 3 children that form part of the replacement family, she moved to Cape Town in December of last year.  And i haven’t seen her in a very long time.  Maniac decided to join us on our adventure as he didn’t have any plans.  Being the awesome friend that he is, he stopped by Vida on the way so i could get my Vida fix to start the day…*does happy dance*.

After picking my cousin up we headed out to Kirstenbosch, where we spent an enjoyable morning having wine with cheese and crackers…now THAT’s what i call the breakfast of royalty:)  Kirstenbosch is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a pity we didn’t have more time to wander around.

The afternoon was spent wine tasting with Maniac and his friend Attie.  Attie, being the local took us to Lourensford first.  Then we headed off towards Vergelegen.  After a memorable stroll through the gardens and having quite a bit of wine he sneaked us up to the Vergelegen wine cellars. I only have one word to describe this place…! The view was absolutely breathtaking.

On Sunday morning I woke up to an overcast sky and rain.  It seems that Cape Town was sad to see me go *wishful thinking*.  Since the flight back home was only in the afternoon we took a drive out to Houtbay and decided to try our luck doing the Chapman’s peak drive.  Even though it was misty and rainy and cloudy it was incredibly beautiful.  If it weren’t for the fact that we were meeting Inky, Kambabe, Flipside and the squidlets for coffee and cake in Houtbay i doubt i would have been able to tear myself away from that awesome view.

So here i am back in Jozi daydreaming about my mini break, my friends and the memories I made.  I’ll see you again real soon Cape Town.



10 thoughts on “Dear Cape town

  1. Cape Town!! Wow! What a stunning weekend you had. Your photos make me miss the mother city!Use to go for picnics in the gardens and get attacked by the squirrels :)Glad you had a stunning time!

  2. Cape Town!! Wow! What a stunning weekend you had. Your photos make me miss the mother city!Use to go for picnics in the gardens and get attacked by the squirrels :)Glad you had a stunning time!

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