Dear Readers

Yep…it’s that time again, where you guys get to play along on my blog:)  I’ll complete a few sentences and then you guys can complete it in the comments section:)

Life.… not always like a box of chocolate…sorry Forrest, your mom and i don’t agree.

Everything….have you ever considered the vastness of somebody telling you that you are their everything? It’s overwhelming and awesome and i don’t think anyone can truly comprehend exactly how much you mean for that person.

I love.….my parents…i really really do:) they do these awesome and unexpected things that just make me love them more and more each day.

Happiness….can be found in the small things around me

Laughter…..can change a lot of things, heal many things and lift your spirit.

Music….is where i find most of my inspiration in life.  It’s the big love of my life, keeps me sane and heals my heart repeatedly

Now it’s your turn:)



6 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Life…is an adventure, but not always a cake walk.Everything…happens for a reason.I love…my baby girl. More than I ever imagined was possible.Happiness…is a choice.Laughter…is contagious, don't hold back, spread it far and wide.Music…should touch your soul or it's just background noise.

  2. Life… has its ups and downsEverything… happens for a reason (sorry louisa I got that one too)I love… knowing that i canLaughter… is the best medicineMusic… and love go hand in hand

  3. Life…sure can kick you when you're down.Everything…is a little overwhelming to me at the moment.I love…sorbetHappiness…is mat that sits outside our doorLaughter…not easy when you have a respitatory infectionMusic…should be everywhere.

  4. Life…sure can kick you when you're down.Everything… in my garden is making me happy right now.I love… my new haircut (got it yesterday).Happiness… is laughing till your stomach hurts at a funny movie like Despicable Me ;-)Laughter… is one of the best things in life.Music… gets in my head and won't leave me alone.

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