Dear Ghost of weekend past

So Friday started off with the worst migraine in the history of RubyMigraines….OK, so maybe not the worst, but definitely top 5.  I drove to work with proper tunnel vision and everything, it was awful:( I spent the first half of the morning on the good old couch in my office, sipping rooibos tea and trying to feel better.  It didn’t work.  But i had so much work to do that going home wasn’t really and option.  I decided to just bite the bullet and finish the work, trying my best to ignore the pain.

Because of the migraine i didn’t make any plans for Friday night, also, I knew i had to spend a whole lot of time working on ASSignments this weekend, so late night partying wasn’t really an option.  Near the end of the workday however I started to feel much better and I ended up inviting a friend over for dinner (which was super yummy FYI) after which we headed off to Sandton city to go watch ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.

We weren’t in the mood for something intense or anything that required a lot of focus…..the movie was perfect:) It didn’t require much concentration or intelligence but was generally enjoyable and entertaining…awesome:)  I was in bed by the reasonable hour of midnight…not that it means i was actually sleeping by this time, but at least i was in bed….it’s a start:)

Saturday morning passed in a blur of research, ASSignment writing and coffee.  But I’m pleased to report that i got a lot done, and for once even though i was working on my ASSignments I wasn’t spending my weekend working on WORK stuff.  One step at a time:)

Saturday afternoon was spent by the pool at the Radisson Blu having drinks with the GirlGuides crew.  Much fun was had AND i got some new goodies to review *grin*.  Saturday late afternoon and evening turned into a surprise visit to a friend…talking for hours, watching IT Crowd and listening to good music…what more can a girl ask for?

Sunday was definitely a #HappyRuby day:) I started out visiting my old church near my old home.  It was awesome to see some familiar faces and to feel the ‘I’m home’-feeling of it wash over me.  I’ve been searching for a church close to my new home of late, so I’ve pretty much been going to a different church each Sunday.  Being back in a familiar environment was nice:)  After church i headed off to the replacements for a lovely Sunday lunch.

The Famous replacements 🙂 

I was so very tempted to head out towards Magalies for Sunday afternoon drive…to get out of the city and to think of nothing except the beauty around me and focusing on the road.  Sadly, my ASSignments were refusing to complete themselves and I HAD to head back home instead.

All in all, despite having to spend a lot of it working on my masters it was a really good weekend.  I relaxed in between,…..which is always a good thing:)  Life could definitely be a whole lot worse, and I’m grateful it’s not:)

Now please hurry along and tell the ‘Ghost of weekend to come’ that despite the fact that I’ve got class on Saturday that i expect to have a fantastic weekend:)




3 thoughts on “Dear Ghost of weekend past

  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Me and hubby have watched the movie last weekend and we have enjoyed it so much, that I would not mind seeing it for a second time around.

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