Dear *insert name of well known medium sized jozi auditing firm*

I am not impressed…in fact, I’m appalled and disgusted.  How can you call yourself an auditor and pretend like you’re all ethical and stuff? You are an utter disgrace to the profession.

But let me start at the beginning.  A couple of months ago a group of companies decided that they didn’t want you as their auditors anymore.  They had various reasons for this, the biggest of which was that they could never get hold of the partner assigned to them and the financial statements take months and months and months to prepare.  They chose us as their new auditors. 

By law, the previous auditors are required to sign off all files and give us all the secretarial and taxation files, as well as minutes and resolutions etc etc etc.  Let me  just say i can completely understand WHY the client wanted to move.  The engaging partner is an absolute nightmare to get hold of.  He NEVER returns calls, doesn’t reply to e-mails and is always in a meeting when you call.  It took me almost two months just to organize the transfer of the files….ridiculous!

Recently, we signed another new client, also one of your previous clients.  During the course of the audit we had checked opening balances and did the audit work as prescribed.  All the while finding that the previous year’s financials contained many many errors.  NOT only that, but the figures in the financial statements didn’t actually agree to the figures in the general ledger…as in not even remotely.  Instead of preparing the financials using the same software you use to perform the audit, you had the financials typed up manually, and you just changed figures as you pleased.  What the hell??? AND to top it all off the disclosure was not as per the reporting standards that we have to adhere to, but the audit report isn’t even qualified! The poor client has been paying loads of tax(which by right he didn’t owe) for the last couple years because of this…it’s fraud!  I’ve lost hours and hours of workable hours trying to fix your mess.

Granted…I did fix it and sort out all the issues.  But it saddens and infuriates me that there are companies like you that don’t give a damn about ethics and the fact that you bring our profession into disrepute.

FYI….we will be reporting you to the board, and we have informed the client of the extent of the problem…I’m guessing you might have a court case on your hands somewhere in the near future.



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