Dear Pink Hair Girl

I recently found this little bit of fluff on your blog and thought that i could totally use it here:) so here goes:)

1.  What is your signature colour?
Uuuuuhmmmm….this is difficult. I have so many different colours.  But I’ll have to say…..Olive green, orange and Ruby red:)

2.  Your most embarrassing moment?
oh goodness…..since we all know i have chronic foot in mouth disease there are so very many of these…and generally i try and forget about them.  I’m sure everyone who knows me can come up with quite a few…you’re more than welcome to remind me in the comments:P

3.  Would you ever get anything else pierced, except for your ears.
I considered getting my tongue pierced when i was younger….but to be honest…nope, probably not

4.  Are you a social butterfly or a homebody?
Hmmmm…..all though I’d like to think I’m pretty balanced i suppose i lean way more towards being a social butterfly. I’m almost ALWAYS busy when I’m not working…but i do enjoy a night at home every now and again, just to get focused again:)

5.  Are you done having babies or do you want more?
Well, as far as i know i haven’t even started!

6.  Are you loyal to your hair stylist or do you try out every salon in town?
I LOVE my hair stylist! she’s got personality and spunk and somehow always manages to do exactly what i want but with some added zing to it.  Sadly, she’s very popular and getting an appointment on a Saturday is nearly impossible if you don’t book months in advance.  I recently tried out a new hair stylist closer to my new home and one where i can get a same day appointment and they’re open till 8pm at night.  I was nervous as all hell and pretty much wanted to die…also, i felt pretty guilty about going to somebody else.  But i have to say I was impressed.  Not only was the girl super nice, she took initiative, but not too much, asked questions to ensure that we were on the same page and she did a super job:) Now at least i have an alternative to my regular hair stylist should i need it:)

7.  How many times have you moved in your life?
Wow! I’ve moved 11 times! 7 of those moves have been in the last 10 years….insanity i tell you

8.  If you could plan your dream vacation with just you and your love, where would it be?
hmmm…once again i can think of many answers to this question.  Firstly i think I’d like to go all alone to a little wood cabin in the mountains…doesn’t that sound absolutely divine?  Or somewhere in a forest maybe.
Another choice here would definitely be doing a world tour backpack style *gets excited at the thought*.



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