Dear RoadHog GP

So on Saturday morning, shortly after 5am, I left Jozi to go spend what was left of my long weekend with the parentals.  It was a bit of a last minute decision, but i was tired and stressed and I missed them and i needed the break.  So after one seriously hectic week i packed my bags and hit the road.  Excited about the drive as always…I love road trips!

About 23km or so before the De Hoek Tollgate, i spotted your vehicle in front of me on the highway in the fast lane.  You were only going about 80, but moved over into the slow lane long before i was anywhere close to you, so i just continued merrily on my way.  Then, as i pulled up beside me you suddenly swerved and tried to push me off the road.  Instinctively i hit my brakes and the hooter at the same time to prevent being pushed off the road, changed lanes and passed you in the slow lane.  Then all hell broke loose.

For some arb reason, totally unknown to me you started chasing me.  Driving right on my ass and gesturing at me through the window.  I was getting freaked out, as i knew the tollgate was coming up and I’d have to stop. We finally reached the tollgate and as we stopped you stopped right on my ass to prevent me from going anywhere. You and the guy in the passenger seat got out, ran up to my car and started bashing at the windows with your fists…trying to break the windows, shouting.  I clearly recall every single word out of your filthy mouth…the string of insults was started with :’I’m gonna f*** you up you racist little bitch! I’m gonna get you and I’m gonna f*** you up you f***ing racist bitch”. I suspect the look on my face didn’t help, i was so surprised by the whole thing that my face literally portrayed ‘dude, what the hell are you on about”.  Thankfully, the car in front of me went through the gate and I could move forward, AND a taxi driver pulled up behind your car and started shouting at you through the window….at which time you ran back to your car.

The lady working at the tollgate, bless her soul, told me to just drive, she’ll try and stall you long enough so i can get some distance between us, as I’d have to turn off the highway soon and didn’t want you following me onto the abandoned little farm roads that I’d be taking. To say that i was driving 160km/h would be an understatement. I figured I’d rather get a fine or be pulled over by the cops than be pushed off the road by you and your insanity.

I was quite badly shaken at the time.  I’m fine now, but dude, seriously, you need to get help.  I didn’t even do anything and you were trying to attack me and push me off the road…what is up with that?? or did you figure it was a nice little game because i was a girl and i was alone in my car? Coward! It’s people like you that cause other people to live in fear and to buy guns.  It is due to people like you that our can’t reach it’s full potential. 

Sadly I didn’t think of taking down your registration number at the time.  All i wanted to do was get out of there.  If i had, you would have had so much crap right now.  Next time you decide to act like a complete neanderthal i hope you mess with the wrong person..idiot.




7 thoughts on “Dear RoadHog GP

  1. @Gina – my dad said the same thing…and i suppose i could, but i don't know if i really want to. I'd rather just ignore the whole tasteless debacle@beneaththebleach – yeah….i'm just glad all is OK 🙂

  2. I was also going to mention toll-gate footage. Also aren't there usually cops hanging out around tollgates? I'm not familiar with that particular one, but often there are traffic cop stations or something there? In future, 082 911 will get you help! Tempting to let it slide-but also; you need to show people that they can't get away with shit like that! I'm glad that it all turned out ok! I would have been an utter wreak and totally unable to drive!

  3. @Tara – there were no cops at the time…..this surprised me at the time. Luckily i was blessed with a very calm demeanour…so i tend to get over these things pretty quickly and i tend to focus and be practical in crisis situations…i only freak out later and then in very controlled little bits:)

  4. Oh Ruby thats too dreadful! I am so glad they couldn't follow you further- I'm sure they would have if they could!!Aren't there cameras at the tollgates?

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