Dear Ghost of weekend past

What a hectic weekend! On Friday after work i got in my awesome little car and headed of to Potchefstroom for my monthly Masters class. It had been an insane week and i was ridiculously tired on the drive.  Loud music, loads of water and a call from a good friend kept me awake till I reached the guest house.  Upon my arrival i spoiled myself with some comfort food and then settled into bed to watch ‘The black adder’. 

I was recently given season 1 – 5 of this series by a really good friend, but because i had been so busy i haven’t had a chance to watch any of it.  Luckily i thought of packing the first season while i dashed around my home on Friday morning packing for my trip.  I love British humor…but finally had to give up after the 4th episode as I was just too tired to keep my eyes open.

Saturday morning saw me getting up early and getting ready for class.  Breakfast at the guesthouse was, as always, awesome and total over indulgence:) It was my first class in a completely new subject with a new lecturer (thank goodness the ass presenting the first six months of this year had me at wit’s end) and the material was quite enjoyable.  And thank goodness he understood the art of not lingering on things that everybody knows and for once i finished before 1. 

I desperately needed a trip to the hairdresser, but as my own hairdresser is a nightmare to get a booking with unless you’re willing to wait 2 months, I decided to take the chance of an off afternoon and try out a new hairdresser.  Can somebody say super stressed??? I was nervous as all hell.  But she is awesome! She appreciated the fact that i asked her advice and returned the favour by explaining everything to me as she was doing it.  We decided to keep the colour more or less the same, but after considering it for a while now i decided to get bangs.  To be honest, I’m still completely undecided as to whether i like them or not…it doesn’t look horrible, which is a good thing i suppose. I’ll include a hastily taken picture and will try get a proper one soon:)

And then I had the opportunity to spend my Saturday night having pizza and wine with a friend that i haven’t seen since i moved.  It was awesome to catch up and to talk about so many things and get and give advice:)

Sadly, today, the day of rest, was spent doing the laundry, cleaning the apartment and working:( In fact, I’m still working *super sad face*.  But I’m quite happy to announce that after tonight i think the rest of the week will be slightly more relaxed where work is concerned….yay me! *read, i wont have to work until all hours of the morning every night*

Sadly, dear weekend, i didn’t have much of a weekend, nor did i actually get to rest, but at least i got my hair done, which I’ve been threatening to do for weeks but haven’t had the time for.  Lets hope that the weekend coming will have more success in seducing me into relaxation.




9 thoughts on “Dear Ghost of weekend past

  1. I'm still deciding about the bangs too. I liked your open-face hair. You're so cute and smile with you whole face. I'll have to get used it. *nods in sage manner*

  2. Black Adder rocks! Wait until you get to season 4, which is by far the best of all of them.The last episode, most find exceptionally sad. But me being the typical macabre joker, found it hilarious.

  3. @Patchwork – Thanx lady:) luckily it's just bangs, and since they were cut quite long to begin with it won't take too long to just grow in with my hair if i decide i don't want to recut them:) @Maniacmuerte…i can't wait…will hopefully be getting some proper Black adder time this week πŸ™‚

  4. @maniacmuerte…..i've added more black πŸ˜› it's slowly but surely possibly moving in that direction:P seems like a lot of people, like me…are still undecided. At least nobody's told me it looks awful…it helps:P

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