Dear female slave

*after some thought and consideration i’ve deleted the first part of the letter.  Ultimately this is what i wanted to tell her…so this can stay*

You’re heading back home to go live with your parents.  Johannesburg hasn’t been good to you, and i think at heart you remained a small town girl and never adapted to the big city.  I honestly hope that you are happy.  I pray that you find a job where you are happy with people that understand you.  I hope that you are successful and that life turns out good for you.

Best of luck to you!


5 thoughts on “Dear female slave

  1. to be perfectly honest….the first part wasn't…which is why i deleted it..i want her to be happy, even if i'm glad she's leaving:)

  2. hahaha…no that wasn't my slave, that was the client's PA 🙂 she's the one that had to search for something on SARS' website and was merrily clicking on the search button without actually typing anything into the search box and freaking out cause the site couldn't find what she wanted it to:P

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