Dear Readers

As per a previous post I’ve done, inspired by Being Brazen, I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I had so much fun doing the last one, and you guys participated so nicely I figured i would do another one:)

I am….going through a bit of a lonely patch…very unusual for me and I’m not exactly enjoying it
Right now….I’m quite sad as a friend of mine that was 5 months pregnant lost her baby:(
Love….can be so overwhelming and powerful and yet so gentle at the same time
The greatest thing.…we can ever have is to love and to be loved in return (courtesy of Moulin Rouge)
Recently…..I acquired a tea box…yayness!!! it’s so pretty and it’s gonna look awesome in my new kitchen:)
Happiness….is something you have to make for yourself, it’s not going to just find you.

Now off you go my lovelies:) You complete the the sentences now:)



10 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I am…depressed and bored.Right now…I should be working but am surfing as many web-sites as possible and actually filling out these answers which is something I would never do never pure, you always land up getting hurt be it family or whoever, but it can be wonderful.The greatest thing…would be to win the lottery. Recently…I did something really strange and taboo which makes me question myself. Happiness…is something I am really missing right now after being happy for a month and then coming back to my normal life and crying too often.

  2. I am…Pregnant and have heartburn… all the time!Right now…I am at my desk, not working ;)Love… is my family!The greatest thing…would be for my family to happy and content.Recently…I did something really strange and taboo which makes me question myself. Happiness… is fetching Aaron from school and he runs up to me grinning from ear to ear, so happy to see me!

  3. I am … Happy with who I amRight now … I'd rather be visiting my sisters kidsLove … is marshmallows in hot chocolate and puppy dog kisses.Recently … I've laughed like I was 5y old againHappiness … is being happy with what and who you are, while knowing that you could always improve.

  4. I am… confused by this contract I am reading.Right now… my chest is burning in pain and in agony since 1 this morning.Love… is awesome, but sometimes its a hurdle.The greatest thing… would be for all my problems to just go away.Recently… I discovered two things worth treasuring until the end of my days.Happiness… is everywhere, one just needs to look for it.

  5. I am…. procrastinating too much & am gonna be in groot kak with a boss in a week's time!Right now…. I could eat out an entire bakery I am that hungryLove…. is X-Rated in my mind today. Retyped this sentence several times & went for ambiguous in the end. The greatest thing… was also in a song with Tina Turner or Whitney Houston or some woman from the 80s who had big hair & liked to belt out the balladsRecently…. I asked my one job why they had stopped paying me, and paid myself at my other job. Happiness… is a life goal that never lets you hold on to it forever, so you never stop pursuing it. And that's where fun & adventure come in.

  6. I am….disapointed yet positiveRight now….would love to help moreLove….is what you make of itThe greatest thing….for me is when I see the happiness I have caused anonymouslyRecently…..I did some introspection – a worthwhile excersizeHappiness….is the knowledge that I can go on no matter what!

  7. I am… sorry that I've been such a bad reader during this busy period.Right now… I should be writing chapter three.Love… is laughing together for ages under the bed covers about absolutely nothing at all.The greatest thing… you can give someone is a stab an an education (seeing how this opens doors for TSC).Recently… I realised that I'd best start planning a birthday party!Happiness… is not constant – it's little perfect moments between all the mundane ones.

  8. I am… loving being my own boss!Right now… it seems I will indeed have time every week to catch up on blog reading and posting!Love… makes my heart beat faster…The greatest thing… about being self-employed is that I can challenge myself every day!Recently… I discovered that I am indeed capable of things I didn't know I'd be able to do.Happiness… is curling up in my husbands arms at bed time.

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