Dear Angel and Neels

yay!!!! And then there was ONE 🙂 Congratulations guys! Finally finally the big day of #AnGlugWedding arrived. 24 July 2010 will forever be a fond memory in my life.  The that two of my friends, who just happen to be two of the most incredible people i know, Angel and Neels, finally got married:)

What a love story it has been.  Meeting ‘online’ and carefully plotting and building until an absolutely beautiful relationship emerged.  A relationship in which they accepted each other with the Knucklehead (who looked ridiculously handsome at the wedding just so by the way) and whatever they had in their pasts.  A relationship where love ruled and will forever rule.  A relationship that makes me smile every time i think about it.  You guys are so ridiculously perfect for each other:)

Congratulations my friends, I am so incredibly happy for you.  Angel, you looked absolutely gorgeous!! The decor was spectacular and everything was just so naturally you that i couldn’t help but smile every time i noticed something.  Glug, you looked so very handsome! and your smile knew no bounds.  I wish you guys only love and happiness and many blessings and a life together filled with beautiful memories that’ll last forever.

The cupcakes were yummy….as always:) And the photo booth that you guys rented for the night was definitely a hit.  I’m not sure in how many pictures i appear in total…..lets just say…erm… A LOT! but it was fun and the whole idea of putting copies of all of those pics along with little messages in a book for you guys was absolutely brilliant!

Finally got to meet Acidicice and BecauseI in person:)  Don Packett was the MC for the evening and he kept us all entertained:) The place was filled with twitter and blogger people and Don at some point jokingly said that if the place were to implode for whatever reason the twitter world would be A LOT quieter.  Thanks a LOT to my date, Claude, for being a sport and helping me out when i was in a bit of a pinch…muchly appreciated honey:)  And of course i sat at the absolute BEST table with Phillygirl, Doodles and Louisa….thanks girls…always a pleasure!!!

Can’t wait for you guys to come back and I can’t wait to see all the pictures Jenty took at your wedding.  Enjoy the honeymoon!!!! *wink wink*

So much love


P.S.  Attached are some of my favourite pics from the evening from my camera(the hair shot is courtesy of Wenchy) and the photo booth…..enjoy:) They include pics of us and of the cupcake, the centre piece on the table and of me and the gorgeous bride!


5 thoughts on “Dear Angel and Neels

  1. Lovely pics? my favourite one? the 2nd last one could win something I,m quite sure of that,,,Met online? proves that you can find love anywhere innit?

  2. @Blackhuff – yeah…it was a super fun party:)@Claudz – to:) i have the photobooth ones on my fridge…LOL@Peter Tracey – Awe…thanx sweetheart@Angelsmind – lovely post about lovely people…i wouldn't have it any other way:)

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