Dear Readers

Today I’ve decided to write a letter to ALL of you using a post inspired by the ‘it’s for you‘ posts that Being Brazen always do.

How it always works: I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I hope you’ll all have fun participating:)

Today I……decided to trust someone with a little piece of who i am
Last night…..I dreamt that my best friend died in a car accident.  I woke up hysterical and crying and ended up feeling very much uneasy until i received a message from him during the course of the morning.
Right now….I am listening to Nickle Creek (totally awesome band) and writing a blog post.
I would be lying if….I said that i wasn’t maybe, sorta, kinda crushing on a boy person a little.
I love….salsa:)
I wish….i wouldn’t be so hard on myself when i screw up….people make mistakes…it’s normal
Thought for the day……happiness is more important than a lot of things
Song currently stuck in your head……Empire state of mind by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

Hope you all enjoy answering my questions:)




8 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Today I … made a massive decision regarding who I am.Last night … was a journey of self discoveryRight now … I am trying to fix somethingI love … peace and tranquilityI wish … I had less dutyThought for the day … don't think, it leads to unhappinessSong stuck in my head … Stay on these roads, A-ha

  2. Today I…… I will out do myself with my creative energyLast night…. My Big Boy Kitty kissed me good night, I think he knew I was missing his brotherRight now…. I am trying to come up with great ideas to do great thingsI love…. the people who bring goodness in my life and support me even tho they don't understand me.I wish…. that some thing good today will happen to every oneThought for the day…… "Watch me shine" should be every one's mantraSong currently stuck in your head…… Tick Tock by Kesha

  3. today i…. will help a friend with his assignmentlast night… i had a "long island ice tea".yummyright now… dressing to go out for my daily drive, edenvale here i comei love… participating in random thing of people i have never met.. loli wish… people understood methought of the day… be yourself coz nobody can be you better than you cansong stuck in my head… Alicia keys: sleeping with a broken heart..

  4. Ok, why not. But only because ur my favorite superhero..and it looks like fun. :0)Today I…realized that the big turn in my life I have been waiting for is around the corner.Last night…I probably slept walked, but since I was home alone, no one can probably verify that.Right now…I need to get me some food before my good mood vanishes.I love…the fact that am peace with myself. and with all the decisions I have made in my life. Totally new feeling for me.I wish..I was back on the beach in Durban with a glass of Johnny walker black…two ice cubes swimming in it.Thought of the day… I was still in that period of life where we need to observe without judging so that one day we can understand without drawing 'hasty' conclusions. (loosely translated from a french proverb. But doesn't really do justice to it)Song stuck in my head..Ghetto Commandments. T-pain ft. Mack Maine.

  5. Today: I wrote a letter to my mom for Mother’s Day.Last night: I spent half an hour listen to my ex wax lyrically about how much he missed me, drunk as a sailor on furlough and thought, “I used to be one of those people, who called people drunk as a skunk!” Hurrah NOT ANYMORE!Right now: I’m feeling really positive about things.I love: My new bed linen! It’s all white and hotel-room like and I have white pyjamas to wear and like to pretend am sleeping at Hyatt or similar! Woo!I wish: I had to guts to send my mom the letter though. Have wimpily (not a word surely?) designed a card that the kids and I have signed and will buy present.Thought of the day: I woke up thinking how cool it would be if I could download all my tweets into a word file on one move. Am worried about 6 Degrees of Separation narrowing to once removed.Song stuck on head: Isn’t it warm?Isn’t it rosy?Side by side, by side!Caught in a storm, I’m feeling cosy,Side by side, by side!

  6. Today I…… finally bought a kettle & won't be boiling water in a pot on the stove… after 9 months of doing so! Last night… I didn't find the time to eat pop corn. :(Right now… I should be in bed. I need to be awake in less than 8 hours. I love…. my guy, who I haven't seen for 6 weeks, and that is long enough now. I wish… that I could get the South East Asian job. Thought for the day… it feels so good to have had a productive work day. Even when you don't know wtf you are doing at work!Song currently stuck in your head… Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, because it is all they play on morning tv & it is driving me mad, cause I only know 1 line of it!…enjoy the crush!! Those are always so lovely!

  7. Today I……have not been very productive and I've also eaten many cookies. I'm being kind to myself. Last night…. The Band woke me up and then went to sleep leaving me with INSOMNIA! I eventually had an awful nightmare that my mom got cancer again.Right now….I am watching the clock til The Band fetches me for my scan at 4.30.I would be lying if….I said I wasn't on edge. Permanently. Bitterness still creeps in. I still have to fight to be who I want to be in all this.I love….The Band with all my heart and soul. He is incredible. I love Sophia in a way that words can't express. I love The Guv probably enough to make me one of those crazy cat ladies. And I love The Kernel. Completely.I wish….the CEO's PA would stop moaning about him to anyone who'll listen. It's totally unprofessional and not cool at all!Thought for the day……Song currently stuck in your head……Informer. YUP! That old school rap song. EISH!

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