Dear Mister Bossman

The last couple of weeks I’ve been going through a very weird time in my life.  The strangest thing is, i didn’t even realise I was going through this weird time until i starting snapping out of it.  Oh sure, i was aware that things weren’t as they should be, but i couldn’t really put my finger on it until it started setting itself straight again.

Now you may wonder why on earth I’m sending you this letter.  Well, the fact of the matter is, this weirdness I’ve been going through related purely to my work and my studies for some reason.  I’ve always been very passionate about my job and my studies.  I’ve loved it ever since i started, and I’ve always given my 1000%, my time, my strength, my concentration and everything i had to complete my tasks for both work and studies.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been so detached from it all.  I didn’t want to work and i certainly didn’t want to work on my studies.  Sure, i reached all my deadlines and my work was always satisfactory…but for someone who generally loves her job..doing a job because you have to is pure hell.  I’ve always been one of those people that a lot of other people hate because I’m all chipper about going to work in the morning.  But of late, well, I’ve been doing just enough to do everything satisfactory….totally unlike me.

You’ll be glad to know that I’m starting to snap out of it.  Starting today:)  Sure, i realise I’m on sick leave, but i was all inspired today…so even though i was at home I’ve done a lot…and I’m sure tomorrow when i come to work you’ll be pleased with the progress made:)  For you, me snapping out of this pretty much means that my work will not only be satisfactory, but it will be done with a smile, with my normal passion and 1 000% dedication. 

I’ve missed passionate me….and I’m really glad to have me back:)




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