Dear Vodacom

According to this and this we now have to register our sim cards. Now don’t get me wrong. I understand why it is necessary to ensure that you have details of people buying sim cards. I’ve been victim of a stalker for such a long time, and because he keeps using prepaid sim cards he bought for 99c there is nothing anybody can do about it, so seriously, I get it.

I even understand the fact that current prepaid users should come into a Vodacom outlet to register their sim card. What I don’t understand though, is why on earth current vodacom users who are on contract need to come in and register their sim cards. You’re kidding me right?? I mean, when i applied for the contract I had to give you a copy of my ID, a utility bill as proof of residence, my full names(which is silly since you already have a copy of my ID) and a whole bunch of other things. Now why on earth would I need to come into a Vodacom outlet to give you copies of documents and a list of information you’ve already got?




5 thoughts on “Dear Vodacom

  1. You have no idea how much this new thing pisses me off! Sometimes I just don't want people to know where I am…not because I'm running some major fraud thing from the garage (I'm not) but because they keep selling my damn info to other companies on a database which leads to constant harassment by call centres at all hour of the day. I had someone phone me last night 23:00, I shit you not, to try and sell me life insurance. Gmf! I think we have a year and a half to do this or something? They can wait till the dead line for mine.

  2. I am so with you on this! I have 3 contract sim cards, and they have all my details. They bill me every month and I pay them every month. What would they possibly need me to register for?

  3. Pffft. Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin have no choice in the matter. RICA is a gorvernment initiative and the government requires both contract and prepaid customers to register. The government probably thinks the networks are crooks and falsified information when setting up contracts, so everything has to be done over.Your next letter better start 'Dear Government'.The process of re-registering everyone is costing all the networks millions of rands which could be put to much better use than busting the few criminals they might get their hands on this way.Question is…can I still phone my dealer without incriminating myself?

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