Dear Aunty K

Happy happy birthday darling!!!! May you have an absolutely fantastic day, may you be spoiled beyond your wildest dreams and may all your wild dreams come true! I pray that you’ll be blessed beyond comprehension in the year to come and that you will continue to grow along this amazing journey that is your life:)

In the last 8 and a half years you have become my second mother. When i first moved to jhb 4.5 years ago (can you believe it’s been that long????) you guys offered to let me stay in your house as part of your family while i find my feet and look for a proper place to stay. And even before that, while i was at uni, i used to drive to jhb once a month for a visit, as my own parents were too far away to make regular visits like that.

I lived with you for 6 months at minimum rent, which i insisted on as you wouldn’t accept any money from me at first. I became your other daughter, an older sister and a comrade and confidant and most of all I became part of the family:) My parents were grateful that I wasn’t living in the big bad city all on my own. You and my mom are so much alike that sometimes I find the resemblances uncanny.

Even after I moved out and until this very day I still join your family for dinner twice a week, I come home to a sunday lunch, I spoil the 3 cousins like they are my little sisters and I enjoy sharing my heart with you and my plans with my uncle. I know that I’m welcome at any time of the day or night and that you don’t mind if i just pop in for a cup of coffee when i need a bit of advice or just a hug because my Mommy is so far away.

I love you guys so much, and I’m grateful for family like you in my life:) Happy birthday again darling! I love you!!!



P.S. I wanted to upload a pic of darling aunty K, but it seems blogger is having PMS today…blegh!


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