Dear Klein Kariba

Thank you so much for having us this weekend!!! We had so much fun. Lots of wine was consumed, lots of games were played, which included a lot of singing – to the entertainment of some of your other guests – and good friendships were once again sealed and deepened:)

I apologize if you received any complaints about the singing, but you see, one of the gentleman in our party made a rule during one of our games that every time you wanted to drink something you had to stand and sing a part of a song first. Needless to say, some of the people went slightly overboard with the singing…it was like Idols auditions times 2000!

It was awesome! We will certainly be joining you again soon




8 thoughts on “Dear Klein Kariba

  1. oh it was;) the only sad part was that I could only join them on saturday…but at least that meant I got to attend Arkwife's babyshower:)

  2. BB – we did…am wishing we could go back there this weekendSpear – hehe….cybersass – It's just outside Bela Bela (Warmbad) Angel – We're trying to organize a trip like that once every 2 months…but between the lot of us we're so busy…dunno if we'll be able to pull it off or not

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