Dear baby Arkwife

You sweet sweet girl! You haven’t even made your way into the world and already you are being spoiled rotten….You go girl!!! On saturday we had a baby shower for your mommy to prepare her for your arrival….and man did you receive a lot of goodies:) Just proof that you are already loved and adored by all…we can’t wait to finally meet you my love!

Here are pics of a few of the gifts I got you….there were a couple more, but I’ve had 9 months to shop and I ❤ shopping for babies:)

Because our little darling will be smart:)

To go with the pair of Ruby shoes she got:)

Of course! a pair of magical Rubyshoes from her aunty Ruby

I couldn’t resist!

Totally badass! See the knees!!!!!

Once again….I just couldn’t help myself:)

I hope you and your mommy enjoy them!!!


Auntie Ruby


7 thoughts on “Dear baby Arkwife

  1. Louisa – yep:) but she got so much awesome stuff…think arkwife's gonna have fun playing dressup:)BB – the shoes are my fav too!Cybersass – I think i'm the lucky one:)

  2. laura – definitely!!!! I loooove shopping for baby stuff…only trouble is I really really battle to control myself..hehe:)

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