Dear Kalahari

It came!!!! Thank you so much for your speedy service in my hour of absolute mindless want:) Actually, to be fair, the books arrived last week, but due to my “at death’s door” state of health, I was forced to let it stay at the post office until today. Here you can see the whole process of unwrapping my little package of joy. If you look carefully you’ll notice the Twilight DVD in the background…I swear this was not on purpose, I only realised it afterwards.

Join me on my journey of discovery, opening the package and unpacking the books…’s a beautiful box set with with lithographs and everything. *happy sigh*




8 thoughts on “Dear Kalahari

  1. BB – Thanx, i think i'm gonna need a support group…your help will be muchly appreciated:)Sleepyjane….hehe:) *sigh* it's awesome

  2. Lol! I actually always buy my UNISA books from them and I receive it withing 3 weeks right here is Abu Dhabi.On Twilight, I think it was a fun read. I enjoyed it very much. Didn't get the big hoo-haa though. I have read much better books in my life.

  3. Spear – I've never actually used them before, but in future i def will….I'm very impressed:) I enjoyed the dvd, loved the soundtrack and wanted the books. I'll let you know what i think of the books

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