Yay me!!!!!!

Ok, so as you’ve probably noticed, today’s post aint a letter:) There is a reason for this, I swear and if you’ll give me just a second of your time I’ll get to it.

Today is my 100th post…..YAY ME!!!!! Despite numerous issues with Internet, periods of neurotic behaviour, cruises, 2 month breaks and scary stalker I finally made it! whoooop!

I’ve been over thinking this whole 100th post thing for waay too long…trying to figure out a way to make it interesting and memorable, and to my absolute horror I came up with…..well, nothing. Amid the tax deadline, which is today by the way, creativity seems to be lacking. Sorry:(

I thought about doing a post about interesting facts about me that you guys don’t already know, but then decided to keep that in case somebody tags me for a meme….you never know with these bloggers. After much deliberation and weighing the pros and cons I finally decided to face one of my fears head on. I decided to post a couple of pictures me, Ruby, in real life. Now granted, I have posted pics with me in them in the last couple of weeks, but never have i specified that it’s me and never of well….just me. The reason I have been so incredibly paranoid about this is because I’ve had my fair share of stalkers. The last one in fact turned out to be plain scary and perverted. All the readers out there who knew about this and how incredibly scary the last couple of months have been will be glad to know that I managed to get rid of him….and no, I’m not planning on divulging those details on my blog.

Please note that these pictures will only be on the blog for about 24hours, if you miss the window of opportunity to find out what I look like…..well….sorry for you!

This is like our “for giggles” signature pose or something……

At Hershey’s chocolate world in Hershey, Pennsylvania……best hot choc ever!!!!!

In Mosselbay….Santos beach to be exact.

No comment

Cocktail bar fun..whooop!

At AK’s wedding actually

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OK, so I realise the post isn’t exactly WOW material or anything, but this is me in all my glory…..well, almost anyway. And it took a lot of guts, being the paranoid person I am, so say nice things OK!



11 thoughts on “Yay me!!!!!!

  1. BB – Thanx:) I cheated a little with those 2 tho, they were taken by a professional, the others were taken by friendsAK – dankie dankie!!! Aren’t you lucky:)

  2. Yawn… old news. I already knew you were gorgeous IRL ;-)Congrats on the 100th! You do know you’re sposed to post nekkid for that one, right?Hehehehe… when do I get to see you, my friend? You so have to come to Feb BLoggirls – it’s a housewarming at my place. Which oyu’ve alreday seen, but hey – it’s got more furniture now!

  3. Tam tam – ooooh….flattery will get you almost anywhere!!!And who says I wasn’t naked when i did this post?? I miss you my friendster…we have to make a plan and soooooon! hmmm…pls tell me bloggirls is not in the week from the 13th to the 21st? When did you get furniture??Glug – yep…that’s what i look like when i’m not covered in dust and mud from a quad outride…LOL but you should know that already 😛

  4. Very glad to make your acquaintance Ruby, and to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of you! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I can understand why you’ve had trouble with stalkers. Congrats on 100th, and keep ’em coming! And congrats on Angel’s award (umm … that’s how I learned of your blog, BTW). And while I’m at it … congrats on being accepted to your Masters!

  5. Curious – Pleased to meet you too! Why thank you and thank you:) Aren’t you sweeet:) I’ll take a little trip to your blog too…..can’t wait to see what you’re all about:) Welcome to my little world:)

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