Dear ….ag man, everybody reading this

Now i realise that i told you guys that I wouldn’t be doing one of these for some time to come. But I’ve had the most awesome news….so I have to share it. And since I’m super excited I’m having trouble being all creative and stuff…….so here goes……Little miss Ruby received her acceptance letter today:)

I’m doing my Masters in Forensic auditing y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




8 thoughts on “Dear ….ag man, everybody reading this

  1. Dear RubyIt is with great interest that I note that you do not wish to have a life. Having said that I do wish you the best of luck and success in your latest venture.Yours TrulyGlugster

  2. KK – thank you:)BB – yeah, i thought so too…super excited, can’t wait to start:)Dear GlugThank you for your concern, but not to worry….I plan to have a life, even if it’s a little bit more limited that normalRegardsRubyAngel – now why couldn’t your other half leave a nice little comment like that??Tam tam – he he……thanx:)Caz – *blush* thanx:)Wenchy – yeah, it’s like CSI with numbers…..and if i work a high profile case i might get a body guard y’all!!!!

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