Dear couzie

Tuesday was you 21st birthday. Happy birthday my little baby cousin…….I hope you had an absolutely stunning day, that the year ahead will be so filled with love, happiness and blessings that you wouldn’t know what to do with them and that God will hold you in His wonderfully strong and gentle hands all the days of you life.

After rereading the first paragraph i realised something…not only are you no longer one of the baby cousins, but I have no idea how you became part of that group to begin with…..seriously, a 5 year age gap isn’t exactly that big……is it?

Anyway…..after deciding to write this letter a lot of little things that i wanted to say to you jumped to mind, but the one thing that totally stuck was the day you got baptized. You were a teeny tiny little baby, beautiful! With big, dark pools for eyes and a crop of curly brown hair which has totally turned into your crown if glory. My excitement and honor knew no bounds when I was told that your folk wanted me, little Ruby, to carry you into the church to be baptized…..I even got a new dress and everything. My point is that on that day a bond was formed, one which will never ever be broken.

Since I’ve moved to jozi, I’ve gained 3 little sisters….all of which started out as my cousins, you being the oldest. We’ve shared many a laugh, plenty of tears and together we have both grown. Without realising it, the three of you help me to be a better person. Never in my life did i think that I’d have to be a role model for someone else….well, maybe when i have children, but i definitely never thought that it would happen before then. The realisation that between the 3 of you you mirror my every move, my sense of clothing, my way of talking, my relationships with friends and family and my relationship with God came as a shock……but it’s a pleasant shock. I’ve grown more aware of what I do and say than I’ve ever been….still remaining true to myself, but being more responsible.

You have your fair share of issues in life, but hey, we all have them, some just handle them better than others. I’m proud and honored to know that I’ve helped you deal with a lot of them. Sometimes all you needed was a hug, sometimes a little bit of advice and at times a stern reprimand. But together we have developed this relationship into something beautiful and precious.

I can’t wait to take you on your birthday surprise. Every year, instead of buying you guys something for your birthday, I give you a choice:
1. A gift of my choice
2. Money
3. I take you on an adventure, some fun time together…my treat
Without fail the 3 of you have always chosen nr 3.

Your first birthday experience was a fancy dress cocktail party….your first cocktail party and probably the first time you got dressed up all pretty wearing a little dress……being the tomboy you are. We’ve had a couple these “experiences” in the last 3 years. This year will have to be even more special, being your 21st and all. I can’t wait:)

Happy birthday my darling. Whatever may happen in the future, keep your joy and your infectious smile. Remember that if everything else fails you, you can always count on God. And remember that as long as it is humanly possible, I will be here for you, loving you and cheering you on in life.


Cousin/sister Ruby

P.S. I have a couple of ideas as to what I’ll be doing for the couzies birthday, but if any of you have some killer ideas I would love to hear them.


12 thoughts on “Dear couzie

  1. gosh, thanx:) Yeah, the idea of giving them a choice instead of just something they didn’t want jumped atme bout 3 years ago….and i’ve been doing it with all three of them. It amazes me that they’ll rather spend time with me than get anything or do anything….but i do usually take them out to go do something pretty awesome……..problem is, I’ve outdone myself with the last ones, now i have no idea how i’m going to top it….especially for the younger two…eish!

  2. You are a really nice cousin!! My cousins never did anything like that for me. What a nice bond you guys must have. Lucky all of you. Sorry, I suck at coming up with any original fun ideas.

  3. thanx kitty:) I think i enjoy it just as much as them at the end of the day:) Hmmm….ok, but the invitation for fun ideas still stands open to the rest of you then.

  4. Rubes! I have MISSED you, chickadee. I could give you a list as long as my arm for Cape Town, but in Jhb… hmmm… a picnic at the Botanical Gardens? Dinner at Le Canard? Madame Zingara’s? A day trip to Sun City? A cooking course (I know someone who does these and includes craft ideas)? A morning cermaics workshop?What else… how much do you want to spend? What are her interests?

  5. Och….I’ve missed you too my dear….very very much:( hmmm, all of those are good ideas, and i’ll come back to you on the cooking thing……she has such a wide variety of interests….but i’d prefer doing something outside of her comfort zone, i like to broaden their horizons…….he he:)

  6. The new blog picture of the girl with the balloons is very sexy (is that you??)you must write more, Ruby – i like reading your blog (just felt i needed to say that) heehee 🙂

  7. dash – he he:) that is the exact reason why they get a 3 choice gift:)BB – Awe *blush* thanx sweety;) I’ll try my best i promise. Nope, unfortunately the girl in the picture ain’t me…..*sigh* Angel – Great minds think alike! Theater is one of my top choices at the moment:)

  8. love this letter!!!lady have i left it too late to still meet up for that drink?SORRY 😦 the headless chicken is what i am, but back in JHB in 2 weeks time with big intentions to be more organised.

  9. Caz – he he…yep, just a tad too late….but no worries, we’ll make a plan the next time you come….maybe we should try doing the communication by mail then? might be quicker and more effective than via blogger:) Hope you survived your time in the big bad city?

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