Dear Klitsgras Drumming circle

First of all I would like to congratulate you guys on a truly award winning idea. Friday night was the most fun I’ve had in a very very long time.

I have to admit that i was just a tad sceptical when I was told that we would be attending Klitsgras Drumming Circle, I mean seriously, what kind of a name is that??? But i was pleasantly surprised. Originally we were only going to have supper at Fifi’s house and help her move a really large and heavy bookcase, with “we” i mean me, Fifi, Jack and Piano man. But Piano man also lives in Pretoria and begged us to join him at the drumming circle….so after a fabulous supper we dashed off to Klitsgras, armed with plenty of wine, sneakers and lots and lots of warm stuff.

The place is situated just outside of Pretoria, not far from Menlyn on Garsfontein road. The atmosphere is both electric and relaxed….if that makes any sense. We spent the better part of the evening beating on our little Jembe drums around the big bonfire situated in the middle of the main drumming circle. For the record… hands are terribly bruised and really sore, but I’d do it again….over and over and over again!

I think the best part of your place is the fact that you have these smaller fires all over the place, and people can go and sit there with their snacks and drinks and a hubbly and just “kuier” the night away. We met the most interesting people including a whole bunch of young, afrikaans Rastafarians.

Granted, 90% of the people attending the circle were high. They were highly entertaining and of course contributed to the very peaceful and chilled atmosphere. Everybody kept going….”no worries dude….chill out man”. It was quite hysterical actually. Fifi and I went into a fit of giggles when we noticed a sign behind a group of people who were quite obviously smoking a joint that read as follows: “The use of any illegal substances (including Marijuana) is strictly prohibited.” Yeah right!

The place sort of reminded me of the bygone Hippie era, interlinked with a taste of the islands, a little bit of Africa and a typical “Jool” evening at a university. All in all it was an amazing evening, and I’ll definitely be joining you guys around the fire again…beating my hands into a very bruised state.

We only left at about 3, when you guys politely asked us to go home now, as it was closing time…and I ended up sleeping at Fifi’s house, as I didn’t want to risk driving on the N1 at that time of the night….not after recent events anyway.

Can’t wait to join you guys again!


Ruby a.k.a “The drumming queen”


13 thoughts on “Dear Klitsgras Drumming circle

  1. it’s fabulous! they use these little african drums…there are guys around the big fire who lead the rhythm, so to speak, and the people sitting in the drumming circle follow them. Great for stress relief:)

  2. he he:) yep, that’s me!!!just go prepared…’s dusty and it gets pretty cold later on……and erm…well, there will be a whole bunch of really really high people around…..njoy!

  3. What a jol. I went to a drumming circle down here in KZN once, but it wasn’t that well organised, so it was okay, but not worth going back. Have you ever been to Splashy Fen?

  4. I went about 4 times, when I was a lot younger, but I don’t think I’d go now, but more because of the camping side of things and the extreme cold. Back then I had a jol though, very “drumming circle” vibes!

  5. Dum dum dum dum…..we should organise our own drumming circle….you can get them to come play at your house, with a tons of djembes for your guests. My cousin-in-law did that for his 21st…it was awesome. And then we can have fondue afterwards 🙂

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