Dear Caz and Tamara

The reason i decided to write a combined letter is because both of you tagged me for the same meme…and since we all know that I’m not the most enthusiastic meme participant, and also it would be quite ridiculous to do the same meme twice, I’ve decided to write one letter and just address it to both of you:)

As far as I understand, the meme works like this:
– Link back to the original meme (that would be this post) and the meme inspirer (that would be
– Link to the person who tagged you (Caz) and (Tamara) the other person who tagged you
– Give (at least) 5 reasons why you love SA
– Tag at least 5 peeps
– Let me know when you’ve done it!

1. I love the way my countryman react to a crisis. I swear, Saffers are the only people in the
world who, when faced with a crisis, find their strength in humor. Every time when things
go really pear shaped in our country the sms and e-mail jokes start flying around on the
subject of the crisis, putting everyone into a slightly better mood and ensuring that we’re all
geared to deal with the consequences of whatever we’re facing.

2. I love the fact that we don’t only have 11 official languages, but we have a 12th, very much
unofficial language – Souf Efricun. Containing a mish mash of words from all of the languages
spoken in our beautiful country…..word that just don’t quite mean the same thing when you
try saying it in a different language: braai, eish, akhona, voertsek, gatvol, lekker

3. I love the fact that there is still so much unspoilt beauty. Mountain ranges, bosveld, desert,
vlaktes, rivers and forests. I honestly believe that we have one of the most beautiful
countries in the world….certainly the most diverse when it comes to nature.

4. I love the fact that we have a country rich in culture and history. All the quaint little towns
you can visit while touring through the country, exploring museums and famous battle fields
Little towns like, Kakamas, Pelgrimsrus, Pofadder, Paternoster and many many many more
There is so much to see and do if you only take the time to look for it.

5. I love the fact that we’re the only country in the world with a National Braai day label stuck
to it:) Sure, the official name of tomorrow’s public holiday is Heritage day, and my my do we
have a rich heritage, but tomorrow is also National Braai day, now where else would you have
something like that??

Well you two……I have to admit that i have a much longer list, but i simply don’t have the time to list them all. I’m off to visit the parentals for a couple of days….yes, I will not be working again until next week Monday, but after the 3 months I’ve had I think I deserve two days off;) So if you don’t hear from me until next week, don’t be too upset:)



P.S. Tamara…….that’s like your third letter!!! i swear, you just keep tagging me cause you want a whole lot of letters addressed to you don’t you??? (grappie julle)

P.P.S. I usually don’t tag anyone, because I hate doing meme’s so much myself, but since this one is quite good I’ll be tagging AK , yes i realise you’ve already been tagged, Glug not sure if you’ve been tagged, and Blondie.


12 thoughts on “Dear Caz and Tamara

  1. Hehehe… Yes, Ruby. That’s why I tage you. It’s not because you write such interesting and enjoyable answers… It’s so I can get a letter. Not 😉

  2. Blondie – looking forward to reading yours:) Don’t worry, i was also tagged twice for this one:)Exmi – Thanks sweety;) It’s good to know there are others around who love our country too aint it?Tamara – he he…gotcha! But i love writing letters to you mam…so it’s all good:)Dash – I guess you’re right. Pls note that my opinion was based on the what I hear from the people i know all around the world… it was a little bit of a stereotyped thing i guess… offence intended:) Yeah, i think it’s good to do an exercise like this once in a while, it reminds us of all the wonderful things we’ve got:)

  3. Kitty kat – he he…thanx hun:)slyde – and when you do we expect you to let us know so we could give you a proper Saffer spoiling sessionBB – erm….ok, i’ll see what i can do:)Blondie…awe jeeeze….*blushing* thanx sweety!

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