Dear Being Brazen

yes yes yes, I know that it’s taken me long enough to write this letter, but my life has been pretty hectic, so I’m trying my best to catch up on all the stuff i should have done ages ago.

So, according to your post I have to
1. post at least 5 of my current addictions with some detail
2. Mention the person who started this game….well, that could only be you(being brazen), and
the person who tagged me, which is also you, hence the letter being addressed to you:)
3. Label the post: Current addictions
4. Tag at least 2 people

Unfortunately, i don’t think I’m going to comply with numbers 3 and 4. 3, for the obvious reason that none of my posts have labels, they all start with “Dear ……..” and 4, simply because I’m not fond of being tagged, i won’t tag anybody else.

OK, so here goes nothing!

1. Lacoste Touch of PinkThis is just the most divine fragrance ever, ever ever!!! I’ve been addicted to it since the first time I smelt it……4 years ago, and was immensely pleased with myself when my housemate at the time remembered this and convinced all the housemates to buy me some for my birthday:)

2. Black XS
So this is my number 2 fragrance, and I’m pretty much addicted to this one also…he he:) I like to smell nice….OK?

3. Green tea

I have a deep rooted love for all kinds of tea, but green tea remains one of my favourites

4. Motorbikes
To my father’s absolute horror I have been fascinated by Motorbikes as long as I can remember. Speed bikes, Harley’s, tour bikes, you name it…i love them all! The one in the picture is one I am particularly fond of, the Ducati 996……………..*sigh*

5. Researching and talking about my upcoming boat cruise
Yep, I’m going on a boat cruise in December…..jealous yet? I’ve been a little pre-occupied with talking about it and of course, shedding the winter weight……i have to, have to, have to, have to look super duper hot in a teeny tiny bikini……….not that i don’t at the moment, but a little weight loss never hurt anyone;)

So my dear, i hope you enjoyed this little piece of information?

Hugs and Kisses



13 thoughts on “Dear Being Brazen

  1. Nice list – i also LOVE to smell nice. Maybe i will add my fav perfume in my next “current addictions” in Oct.Motorbikes? really, thats very cool. Do you have one yet? You are going on a cruise. I am beyond jealous..where you going to? do tell?Have a fabulous week. 🙂

  2. he he…..i gathered as much:) Nope, don’t own one, and probably won’t buy one until i can afford to be one of the very few females in SA that owns a Harley:)Going to the Portugese Islands…’s only a 4 day cruise, but i’m very very very excited:)

  3. You dig bikes and you like Harleys? They are the most pathetic specimens to roam the countryside. How about a nice BMW touring bike or a sexy Kawasaki Ninja or something? at least you’ve got a Ducati down.

  4. tamara my dear, you didn’t read properly:) I would like to own a harley some day…but i like all bikes, harleys, speed bikes and touring bikes…..that’s what my post says…..but i’ll forgive you for not paying attention, you have a head cold.

  5. ooh i LOVE that bike! its at the top of my list of favourites too- and if it were possible for me to bike the 29th parallel on it in 2015 i would so buy one… but i’m going to have to get something more comfortable for that trip!

  6. Yes, but a Harley is not really a bike. It is a piece of noise-making rubbish masquerading as a bike.Anyhoo… Seeing you seem to be in the mood for memes, “Tag – you’re it!” 🙂

  7. Tamara – thanx hun:) I guess i don’t have a choice anymore, that’s my second tag for the same meme…he he:)Sweets – yeah, freaky I know….i love tea in general, but there is something about a cup of greentea….hmmmmmmKitty – he he:) so glad i’m not the only one! I’m telling you now, once you’ve tried those two, you’llhave to buy them!

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