Dear Magaliesburg Rhino and Lion park

Thank you so much for an amazing experience on Saturday! It was my little cousins 12th birthday at the end of May. And as per our little tradition we decided to go do something fun together. I started this little tradition about 2 years ago with my 3 cousins living in Joburg. All three of them are younger than me and have become like my little sisters. So instead of giving them a gift on their birthday i take them on a fun outing.

So we’ve had everything from a cocktail evening, visits to the zoo, horse riding, visiting a bunch of art galleries to picnics in odd places, depending on the age of the cousin involved. After carefully considering my options, i decided to take my little cuz to your park.

We had a wonderful time!!! we played with the white lion and jaguar cubs, discovered that a lion cub of about 3-4 months has a paw bigger than my hand, took thousands of pictures of the animals we encountered on our drives and we had the privilege of being able to record the feeding of the white lions, wild dogs and the cheetahs.

We arrived home at tired, satisfied and highly entertained. I would like to commend you on a well taken care of reserve, excellent animal conditions and friendly faces we encountered everywhere. You’ve once again made my little cousins think that I’m the most wonderful cousin they could ever have asked for:)

Here are a few of my favourite shots:
A white lion cub
Playing with the Jaguar cubs
Young tiger at play
Cheetah on his way to feed
Unbelievably enough a cub of between 3-4 months’ paw is as big as my hand!

we saw buffalo!!! one of the shyest animals ever…and the thing was right next to my car too!!! this picture was taken from my car without any zoom!!!!!

Thank you so much for an amazing experience….I’ll definitely be coming again!



P.S. Thanx to me terrivle half for the idea:)


11 thoughts on “Dear Magaliesburg Rhino and Lion park

  1. sweets – he he:) yes I know…they lover me:) awe hun! next time i go i’ll see if i can invite you too..k?glug – thanx:) yep it’s truly a fun place to go

  2. Oh WOW!! We’re really lucky to live in this country!!Glad you had such a great day and if you ever feel like adopting me as a cousin, I don’t mind at all! I hear it’s all the rage at the moment… Angelina and Madonna are doing it πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so gad you guys had fun me Terrivle Half! See you’re just going to be the most popular older cousing ever!! But why didn’t you invite me and my Pickle along?Feelin bad yet?Ah I’m just kidding my love.Mwaa.

  4. Blondie – That depends;) are you gonna be sweet, cute and are you going to absolutely adore me?Bridgy – he he…nope sorry sweety…no feelings of guilt just yet;) thanx for the heads up…it was fabulous!!! We’ll all go sometime..OK?Angel – Thanx sweety! yes, it’s on of the more pleasant experiences in gauteng;)

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