Dear Sweets

I realise that you didn’t tag anybody in the meme you did, but I’m sort of in the mood to do it anyway. We both know that as a rule i detest meme’s, but for once I actually feel excited to do this one. Also, this will help you to get to know me better:) I certainly hope you appreciate it sweety! So here goes nothing:)

What is in the back seat of your car right now? well, music sheets and charts, a hoody, a bottle of water and a book of poems

When was the last time you threw up? Earlier this year when i had food poisoning

What is your favourite curse word? don’t curse, cept for shit, so I guess that’s it then

What will you be doing 3 hours from now? 3 hours from now I’ll desperately be trying not to kill my highly annoying and frustrating first year clerk

Have you ever been in a strip club? erm……no….

What is the best ice cream flavour? choc vanilla fudge;)

What was the last thing you ate? Funky cow cheese wedge and a granny smith apple

Ever go camping? yes yes yes!!! i looooooover camping:)

Do you have a tan? not really…it’s winter after all

Do you drink your soda from a straw? yes, 2 straws actually…..and no, don’t ask!

Are you some one’s best friend? yes, definitely:)

Where is your Mom right now? At work in the beautiful place far far away surrounded by mountains…*sigh*

What colour is your watch? you have to specific, i have a couple. Silver, brown and silver, white, black

What comes to mind when you think of Australia? g’day mate! if it was nieuzealand i would have said hobbitonšŸ™‚

Would you consider plastic surgery? No…..not unless I’m scarred badly in a terrible accident

What is your birthstone? Ruby….go figure:)

How many kids do you want? of each, unless of course i have twins(highly likely) then i want 3

Have you met anyone famous??? oooh yes! plenty plenty famous people:) i organized more than one rock concert in my time, unknowingly “vryed” a couple of famous guys and i have a couple of semi-famous friends;)

Biggest annoyance in your life right now? I’ll have to split it into a couple. Me clerks, a certain someone driving me nuts, and people who declare themselves humble but fail to prove it in the little things

Are you jealous of anyone? right now……not really.

What time is it? 09:56 am…yes yes, i should be working…but be grateful that i was thinking of you;)

Do you eat healthy? In a way yes;) but i have a well balanced diet…that’s well balanced eating junk most days and having healthy days in betweenšŸ™‚

How old will you be on your next b-day? Unlike Sweets, i won’t lie:) 26

Name one thing you’d still like to do? Study fine and performing arts. Visit Spain

Favourite colour? Once again i have a couple. Green, black(which isn’t really a colour but who cares???), orange and brown

Ok sweety, being the nice person i am, i won’t tag anyone either…….hope you enjoyed this little journey into Ruby’s mind:)




17 thoughts on “Dear Sweets

  1. thanx sweets;)that reminds me of something…you ever saw that picter of a rock and a roll of paper and they go…”you rock” “you roll”ha ha ha ah ahah ha…it’s hillarious:)

  2. noice….noice??? of all the words you could have chosen you chose noice???tee hee hee:) sos hun, i just couldn’t resist:)

  3. A cup of tea is NOICE!My Ruby is TERRIVELY AWESOME!Hey hun, you did another meme! WOW!And why isn’t that junk at teh back of your car in the trunk? HA!

  4. Ha! i knew you couldn’t stay away my terrivle half…..hurray hurray;) Thanx for having me back hun:) you’re terrivly awesome too!!!!yes I know!!! it’s becoming a disease these meme’s:( I hope i’m not coming down with something aweful….like memeichtus, or influmemenza or somethingwelll……erm….my trunk is full of files and work stuff. Didn’t you know that i drive a 1.4i filing cabinet sweety?

  5. i know i know:) i was just so overcome with joy when i saw your comment that i just blurted the first thing that came to mind;) thanx for not forgetting me my terrivle half;)

  6. noice indeed?!bridget go work, don’t read our stupid blogs anymore…. goooooooooo! ruby: you rock you roll?! wmwahahahahahahahahahahaha:)

  7. I am on BREAK!I have been working since 5 this morning I’ll you know Sweets!Yes Ruby hun, the reward of being terrivle is that you have your incredible foot-in-mouth disease you never get cured of. šŸ™‚

  8. sweets!!! you aint allowed to preach or shout at bridgy on my blog you hear!!! only nice things may be said of my terrivle half on this here blog…unless i say them…then they may be different, but that will hardly ever happen.Bridy my dear, you may spend as much time reading other blogs as you need to recharge your creative juices:)HA!!! Foot in mouth infected and proud of it!!!!

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