Dear *enter name of service provider here*

That’s it!!! this little ray of sunshine has had enough!!! Forget ray of sunshine…think more in the lines of a little thunder storm…or wait, make that a big thunderstorm with lots of lightning and stuff.

About 3 weeks ago my 3 month old phone decided to bail out on me. I finally managed to take it to one of your outlets 2 weeks ago. I was promised that i would have my phone back in 2 to 7 working days. So yesterday, being 9 days since i took the phone in, I finally gave you guys a call. Only to be told that my phone has been ready since last week Wednesday!!!! So why didn’t anybody let me know!!??? I’ve been battling to survive with my old phone that only lasts about 2 hours at a time.

Anywhoo…i decided not to become too unfluffed about it. When i got there to pick up my phone i was informed that the phone had been a dud, so you’ve sent me a brand new phone. Awesome! or so I thought initially anyway. It wasn’t the right colour:( but since it was brand new, and i was in desperate need of a phone that could function for longer than 2 hours i decided to not give you too much trouble about it. In between working i re-entered all my numbers and stuff onto the phone, changed the settings the way i like them and went to bed a happy little ruby child.

This morning however has not exactly gone according to plan. 1. I am tired…..dead tired. I haven’t‘ had a proper night’s sleep in ages, I’m overworked and to top it all off i have to work all weekend…sucks to be me right??? 2. We didn’t have any power!!! It took me 45min to get from my house to the highway……..a distance of only 3km. 3. I was therefore late for work. 4. I phone someone for the first time this morning from my phone and what happens???? it sounds like the person on the other side is talking to me from a metal box….all metally, echoey and distorted.

Don’t panic….was my first reaction. It’s probably just a bad line right?? erm….no! I’ve had people phone me all day and still i get the same result…..metal box effect. I tried desperately to remain calm..but my nerves have been stretched to the max today…with clients getting on my nerves, slaves behaving like spoilt brats and the looming deadline chewing at my insides. I phoned the outlet i took it to to begin with.

A chirpy little employee answered the phone. She informed me that i had to return the handset immediately. OK, one problem here…..I’m at work! and tomorrow morning at 5 o’clock I’m leaving to go see my parents, I’ll only be able to take it in next week sometime. So what does this silly little woman tell me??? Oh no mam…you can’t do that! then *insert service provider name here* will think that you broke it, or that there wasn’t something wrong with it since the beginning.

Well what the hell am i supposed to do???? it’s not my fault that you are open the exact same hours that i have to be at work??? Apart from this I’m sitting here thinking about the fact that I’ll probably have to spend another 2 weeks being practically phone less. Just trust me when i say that in my life that is a gigantic crisis!!!!!

I trust that you’ll replace the phone immediately when i bring it in next week. That you won’t accuse me of dropping it, kicking it, wetting it or generally breaking it. That you’ll know better than to mess with sweet little ruby. I realise that i might appear all sweet and nice…..but trust me…there are times in my life…however few and far between….when you really shouldn’t mess with me. Now is one of those times!!!




11 thoughts on “Dear *enter name of service provider here*

  1. I hate thsoe poo cackers. Tell them to send you the new phone and that you’ll drop the new one in, otherwise you’ll write a news article for a popular newspaper bashing the shit out of *insert service provider here*.In other news, its my last week in this job and I am still at work after everyone else has gone home, trying to finish everything off! This is stupid!

  2. SvD – Thanx sweety…i think i might just do that!Oh my! you’re starting to sound like me! working all hours of the night trying to finish stuff. So…..when are you starting the new job?? What will you be doing?? you excited?? c’mon, spill the beans;)

  3. They’re all the same. The service they supposedly provide is rubbish. Go complain on Hello Peter. It may not accomplish anything, but it’ll make you feel better.

  4. tamara – i might just do that:) ah well…..i was just in a it of a mood on friday..what with everything going wrong and being tired and stressed out enough without my stupid phone being wrecked. Still need to go sort it out…haven’t had the energy or the time to go fight with them yet…*sigh*Sweets – ja ne! oh well…i’ll cope;)

  5. ooh service providers can really suck at times! i reckon a whole new phone of a different make and model is in order.

  6. Angel – I’m not sure i want another make and model…i kinda like my phone, and it’s had awesome reviews…….so lets hope it’s a matter of 3rd time lucky hey?SvD – Coolio!!! just took a look AND left a comment;) I have feeling that little blog is gonna be very interesting:) oh pls pls pls can i come along in your backpack?? i just can’t promise there’ll be any vegimite left by the time we get there. An Ausie friend of mine introduced me to the stuff and now i can’t get enough….he he:)

  7. Phone Update:Ok, so yesterday after work(i had to leave early to catch the little buggers open) i once again gave them my phone. So now i’m once again stuck with a phone that has a battery life of two hours….fantastic! I was however promised that i would have a phone by saturday morning. If they can’t fix the distorted voice problem in 48 hours i get a new phone…apparently. Anywhoooo…let’s see how this pans out….i’ll keep you updated:)

  8. Eish my friend….how dependant we’ve become on those little buggers. I hope it gets sorted out this time. And maybe you’ll get a white one again 🙂

  9. AK – ah my friendster! yes, silly little machines they are….but i have a problem if i don’t have one…i realised that the one day i didn’t have a phone when the first one died…i had everyone in hysterics…shees!we can only hope eh?

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