Dear Parentals

Yesterday was your 32nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!!! 32 years and counting is quite an accomplishment in this day and age……and I’m proud to be your child:)

As i was excitedly telling my friends about your special day yesterday…i realised a couple of things. After 32 years you guys are still so in love that I find it nauseating at times……so sweet:) You’ve never spoken a harsh word to each other in front of us. You’ve never gone to bed angry. Dad, you’re positively miserable when mom has to leave home for a couple of days. Mom, you do all your little cleaning and moving tasks when daddy ain’t around, but your nights are empty and your eyes sad when he has to leave home sometimes.

You always expressed your love for one another in such a way that we grew up as loving children, believing that the fairy tale of a happy marriage that lasts forever will be ours to own one day.

Dad, you can be quite difficult sometimes and as we would say in Afrikaans, you’re positively “hardegat“, which is probably why you take so much pride in telling the world how “hardegat” your little princess(me) is:) But you’re a born teacher with the patience of a saint when it comes to explaining a concept to someone. You always treat mom like she’s the most precious gem ever discovered….i hope my husband will one day look at me with the same love and admiration. Mom, never in my life have i met someone with your softheartedness, passion for people and patience. You never sought to please yourself and would always be the one to give daddy his way when he’s being particularly difficult. I certainly hope that one day when I’m married I’ll be able to copy these characteristics…..if not, it’s certainly not your fault. You set the perfect example.

I’ve asked myself plenty times how on earth you guys managed to stay so happily married for so long and remain so much in love. I think I’ve got it narrowed down to a couple of things.
1. Loads and loads of respect for each other
2. Understanding for each others dreams and passions in life
3. Loving each other more than life itself
4. Always willing to give up everything to be with each other
5. Praying together everyday….even in the tough times.

I hope and pray that one day when i finally take the step towards committing myself towards one man that I’ll be able to copy the example set to me. I believe that if we could capture only half of what you have we’ll be just fine:) I’ve come to realise that I’m indeed a blessed little girl. With parents who not only love each other but love me more than I’ll ever be able to express.

There is so much more that I could say, but my eyes are becoming rather misty, and in truth i think it is unnecessary. You know how much i love you…..and that’s the most important thing:)


Your little Ruby


9 thoughts on “Dear Parentals

  1. Friendster!! Do you want me in tears at the office again??I must say though….beautiful post. Having met your parentals once or twice, I know exactly what you mean. They are a fab couple. I can only pray that you will also meet your perfect match.Mwah!!

  2. awe hun…don’t cry…it’s a beautiful relationship and i’m honored to be a part of it;)thanx hun:) lucky for you, you’ve already met yours:)

  3. congrats to the rubyparents 🙂 not bad guys, not bad at all… well done!!!my folks will have their 50th in january… imagine that… being married 50 years! i won’t be able to reach that unfortuately… that ship has sailed 😉

  4. simply awesome in its fantabulousness!!! congratumalations, ruby’s parentals!!my mommy & daddy darling just celebrated their “jade” anniversay, 35 years! like yours, they’ve set quite a standard… they still have date nights!!!

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