Dear manufacturers of the Key finder gadget

I do not usually resort to this kind of behaviour when it comes to myself…but I’m in desperate need. Things simply can not go on like this. It’s going to drive me completely insane if it goes on like this……I need your help.

This morning, after waking up really early, blow drying and straightening the hair, remembering to pack my lunch, getting dressed, flipping through my uncomplicated and minimalistic make-up routine, grabbing my phone, my hand bag, my car keys and my laptop bag…..i suddenly realised that i didn’t have my house keys. Crumbs! It should be on the white shelve above the microwave where i always put all my keys and where i collected my car keys from….but it’s not. Not a-freaking-gain!

I turned my whole house upside down until i finally found it on the fridge next to the target mortein. Damn spiders! they were all over the show last night and poor arkwife and i….both being extreme arachnophobia…..had our hands full keeping them at bay when i tried to let her out. When i came back in, apparently I just dumped it all on the fridge. Great! I was late for work because i couldn’t find my stupid house keys and i couldn’t get out of the house! Well…not late exactly, but i wasn’t able to get to work 2 hours early to start working on the practise review stuff(I’ll tell you guys all about the hell I’ll be in during the next 3 months at a later stage).

The problem I’m sitting with is that this wasn’t the first time. I seem to misplace my keys on a regular basis. My house is not large, and it is relatively neat and tidy. I have a specific place where i put my keys, and 99% of the time you will find my car keys lying there, but my house keys seem to have the ability to go MIA in seconds!

Please please please could you send me one of those little key finder thingies?? It does of course pose the problem of always putting the remote you use to find the keys in one specific place…..but I’ll cross that bridge when i come to it.

I hope that you’ll be able to assist me in this regard.




11 thoughts on “Dear manufacturers of the Key finder gadget

  1. Hehehe… Was about to come and admonish you for not putting a new post up, but you have, so instead I’m laughing.Hubby took MY car keys from the kitchen breakfast bar where I diligently lay out all my crap that needs to go to work with me and, for some reason unknown to man (including him, seeing he says he doesn’t remember doing it), after fetching a CD from my car, put them between the TV and the Hi-Fi. The first place I’d look. Not.So ja, if you get a whole whack of key finders, please send me one too!

  2. tamara my dear…do i ever disappoint??? i said i was back…well sort of anyway…didn’t i? he he:)between the TV and the Hi-fi….what on earth was he thinking……oh dont think mostly…i forgot.I promise to pack one up and send it over as soon as the first shipment arives;)

  3. you get key finder thingies that you have to whistle at…and then it replies… imagine trying to whistle when you just can’t get it right… LOL that would happen to me! 😉 maybe spray your keys with the mortein target, that way the key’s legs will fall off and it won’t be able to hide hehe

  4. wait…you get ones you can whistle at????? oh my word this just gets better and better!!! I grew up on the platteland…so i whislte like a typical farmgirl…..thats fabulous:)

  5. erm….no. I’d probably end up losing them anyway. I do have an extra set of car keys tho…in my filing thingy with all my car’s stuff…but my landlord is withing walking distance and he has a set…i just holler over the phone and he comes running;)

  6. have two sets of keys. and always leave the house keys on the inside side of the lock. that way you never lose ’em 🙂

  7. globus my dear……although i agree with the idea of having 2 sets….i can’t leave my keys on the inside of my door. I have a sliding glass door, that doesn’t actually lock and a gate in front of that. Can’t exactly leave my keys in the gate on the outside of my door now can i?

  8. i haven’t seen one of those in years!!! you’re talking about the one that beeps at you when you whistle right? i’d have a hard time since i can’t whistle for shit… not loudly anyway.i am always losing my keys in my bag!!!

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