Dear Sharks

Well done boys!!! I’m sooooo incredibly proud of you:) You’ve been my team forever and ever, and although i live in Gauteng now, I’m a sharky born and bred, and will stay that way forever!

I love you guys!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses

Your biggest and most fun loving fan


P.S. For those of you who have no idea what this is all about…look at this


15 thoughts on “Dear Sharks

  1. he he:) poor man! I’m absolutely delighted with my team:) If i happen to run in to them i’ll be more than happy to show them just how delighted i am;)

  2. I know you’re all South African, and i’m Australian and all, and truth be told i dont even really follow the rugby… but yay to the Waratahs for making the semi’s!

  3. bridgy – ha! then my friend, i love you!!! i knew thet terrivle half wouldn’t disappoint;)Angel & sweets – I’m afraid i’m with Bridgy on this one! i can’t stand the blue bulls…..they’re a bunch of arrogant bastards you see……i’ll try and ignore this fact when i read your blogs…otherwise i won’t be able to talk to you anymore…he he;)Amy – well….not everyone can be perfect hun;) even you have mistakes…being australian is one of them…tee hee hee.Gluggie – at least you’re supporting the Saffer team in the semi-finals…that makes you OK in my books…and you’re not a bull, so you’re OK:)

  4. KaB – I’m starting to think i might not like you afterall:( he he:) C’mon…you have to admit that on the day the sharks were the ones that deserved to go to the semi’s. The stormers played an absolutely horrid last game…the game when it mattered….while the sharks excelled….*sigh* i luver you guys!!!!Miss M – It’s good that you guys are still loyal to your team…it’s always a good thing. But be a good south african and support the sharks in the semis:)

  5. tamara – very keen:) and i’m not even all that fond of rugby to tell you the truthelise – tee hee hee:) at least your honest;) it’s my regional rugby team hun. And they are in the semi-finals for a really big thing…..the only SA team to make it too!!! I’m soooo proud i could burst!

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