Dear Ex-boyfriend/friend

Your phone call on Tuesday was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t heard from you in quite a while, and it’s always good to play catchup with someone as amazing as you:) The reason for your call was however probably the best part of my day and brought a warm feeling to my heart.

You are now a father. Oh my gosh! you?? a dad? How could that be?? I still remember you as the hot shot of the school, with your oh so cute blond curls, ice blue eyes and tanned skin. The dude with the smile that always made my heart flip. The sport star who would send me a sign from the cricket pitch to tell me he loves me and that the next ball will be a six, especially for me. Who waved at me unashamedly from the rugby field, not caring that the other members of the 1st team thought it was soppy. You were so young, and now you’re a dad. My my…how we’ve grown;)

Our relationship was one of young puppy love. And my memories of that time are all happy. You were the love of my life at age 16….but by the age of 18 you had become a good friend instead. Our breakup was sad, but not cruel. Your parents were moving, and being only 17 at the time we weren’t too keen on the whole long distance relationship thing. We broke it off with mutual consent….but always kept in touch.

Your friendly devotion to me through all this time is heartwarming and I’ll always love you for that;) I couldn’t attend your wedding, as it was at the same time as my Yankee brother’s…..but i did bring you guys a wedding gift from the US. Your wife is sweet and charming and i wouldn’t have found someone better suited for you if I chose her myself. You always thought that you weren’t good enough for me. No matter what i said to you my friend, you always thought you weren’t good enough. So your words to me on Tuesday made me smile…you finally thought you had achieved something…you were a father. You are 50% responsible for creating a perfect little baby boy….you sir, have done me proud;)

I wish your, your wife and little JJ the best of luck, love and happiness for the future:) And if he turns out half the man his father is…he will be amazing!



P.S. Lots of hugs and prayers going out to my terrivle half. I love you hun!


9 thoughts on “Dear Ex-boyfriend/friend

  1. thanx hun. he really is an amazing dude. We’ve both grown up and outgrown the puppy love once shared….but he’ll always be a part of my life;)

  2. What a lovely letter! That is beautiful and so selfless!I think it is always a little weird to find out an ex (good terms or not/ long ago or not) has moved on, engaged/married/with child etc…Nice one!Have a great weekend

  3. Once again, a lovely letter, straight from the heart. If you ask me, seems like he’s a lucky man to be friends with someone like you Ruby…

  4. Wow, i got a little choked up while reading this letter, so heartfelt and just plain lovely. You are clearly very lucky to still have eachother 🙂

  5. tamara – i seem to be lucky in that regard……i’m close friends with quite few of my exes:)Blondie – I dunno hey…this one wasn’t weird….i just couldn’t imagine him being all grown up and being a daddy! lol Thanx hun, my weekend was fab! hope you had fun?amy – awe, thanx hun:)Globus – Because globus aint half as sweet as ruby:)tee hee hee:)Vimbai – hey hun! loooong time no erm…read and write? yes, i feel lucky for having him:)

  6. wow… you actually kept contact with an ex? i have never been able to do that… ooh- except with my first boyfriend from when i was like 12.congrats to him!!!

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