Dear Terrivle half

*sniff sniff* please come back bridgy…..I is missing you!!!!



P.S. sos for being so awfully quiet guys….i do apologize from the bottom of my little heart. I miss you guys terribly…but things have been very hectic in this little girl’s life. But i’m busy making a comeback…so don’t be strangers!!!!


15 thoughts on “Dear Terrivle half

  1. sweets – aaaah, thank you kind lady:)Elise – hurray hurray, another sweet blogger friend who hasn’t deserted me:)

  2. glug – yes, as much as i hate admitting to this…i’m useless without my bridgy….*sigh* Let’s hope my circle doesn’t bore you guys too much until she finds her way back to us;)

  3. that’s ok. globus understands that you’re busy trying to get his blogroll link to work. keep trying, bean counter :-)as an aside, provided your next post is saucy enough, everyone is bound to forgive your stay of absence, anyway.

  4. globus my dear…yes i guess you are right….one saucy letter and everybody will love me again i’m sure;)yes yes…i know! there are outdated links, incorrect links, missing links….but for some reason my blogger is fulla sh..erm..nonsense, and i can’t get the stupid things to work….i’m trying OK????

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