Dear Hollard

I’m sure you guys are pretty used to getting all kinds of letters of complaint, insurance queries and general bits of paper from stupid people that don’t understand what makes the world go round these days. This letter is, however, different…of that much I can assure you.

I’ve driven on the M1 almost everyday for the past couple of years…and every morning there is one thing that puzzles me all the way to work where more important matters take hold of my mind. But at that early hour of the morning when my brain is literally still fast asleep, this little thing is highly consuming for the little bit of brain capacity I have available.

Why on earth do you guys have a huge statue of a cow wearing a diaper on your grass in front of your building???? Seriously, you guys don’t produce milk, meat, babies or diapers…so why on earth would you feel the need to have this monstrosity on your lawn?

Anyway, far be it from me to criticize you for your way of thinking, but I would appreciate it if you could put my very much fast asleep mind at ease.




19 thoughts on “Dear Hollard

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha……yes, you read right the first time….this is an insurance company with a statue of cow wearing a diaper on their lawn…..:) Totally insane!

  2. There’s a bull at every roundabout on the way into a town we have up north because its teh “Beef capital of Australia”Only people keep stealing the poor bulls’ nuts.

  3. Hehe….Rubes…as requested I will clear this up. Yes Bridget, this is part of the travelling cow thing. These cows travelled all around South Africa (and the world, as far as I remember) in aid of charity.Businesses were given the opportunity to buy a cow, with the money going to the charity running the whole travelling cow campaign. (I don’t remember the charity actually, but I think it had something to do with aids, or children)A few companies in SA ended up buying cows, including Hollard, and Crown Mines on the N3 towards Linksfield.

  4. I am a genius without even googling.I was born magnificent.I know about the travelling cow thing evenethough the last I read about it was in 2004. i love myself.

  5. amy – yes, well…obviously it makes you feel safer:)Bridgy – I r not idiot! i r choplette;)sheena – erm….Irene??? on the M1?? have you lost all your marbles hun?SvD – shame! the poor thing keeps being turned into an OX!!! how embarressing:(SvD & Sheena – consider this a gentle warning…i’m pulling a classy bridget on myself…you’re not allowed to adress your comments to other people…tee hee heeArkwife – bless your little cotton socks friendster!!! thanx for clearing it up all nicely:)bridgy – yes yes of course you are….just like me terrivle half!sweets – nah, it aint that amazing……..unless of course you do it while half asleep, then it’s quite consuming!tamara – ha ha ha ha!!!i love your way of thinking…Hollard should hire you!

  6. Excuse me? WTF?!Ruby, I can’t stop laughing. That post was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I seriously hope you sent them the letter.xx

  7. sheena – is my blog afterall…and bridy has been givin me boss lessons…i’m doing quite well these days and thought i’d exhibit my natural talent for bosiness on my blog:pTamara – nopes, you were the only one hun…Beverly – welcome to my little universe:) thanx for clearing up all the details….superstar coming your way:)Elise – glad i could cheer you up sweety;)well, now when i pass the cow wearing the diaper in the mornings i just try and ignore it…but it’s still kinda imposing:(

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